Wednesday, December 18, 2013



Facts -- they're thrown at us and poured on us. They're turning into mushy stuff nowadays, that can't hold you up.   

You can't grab a fact or hold onto it without sinking into it -- it's kind of like quick sand.

I heard a fact onever thought abt getting a robot helper--a maid, pet, a playmate? (see film clips)
CBS News awhile ago:   "Soda makes children more likely to destroy things, attack others."

 I read the article. The "proof" was opinions based on the doings of New York City's Mayor, who was trying to ban 32-inch-size drinks.

Okay guys -- is soda makes kids violent a fact, or a maybe?

Is it like guarantees that are promised for (golly, practically everything), headaches, pain, depression, prostate, sleeping, weight gain, and stuff you buy for rashes, pimples, bugs, germs, weeds, dents in your car, exercise, young skin, gorgeous hair (golly, everything, including your pile of unpaid bills)?     

My dictionary says, "Fact -- generally a body of real things, events, actuality, a judgment, proposition, an idea that is true or accepted as true."
I'm going with "actuality," since the last election that took away trust, and truth. No longer do I trust or accept truth. I just sort of believe and sort of rely on what I hear. Golly, so many facts were lies, creative distortions of actualities.   

Facts -- I'm thinking they're like clothes. Buying clothes, wearing what other people are wearing  makes us feel better, safer, in tune with the times, part of the real world.
For instance, do artificial sweeteners really cause cancer?  That was a scary fact years ago. (Golly I use sweeteners, don't you?) What about climate change? (Gee, I've noticed more and more weird weather,) But is climate change a fact or just some big deal political issue?

I think this is a time to beware of facts. Avoid the word -- they are maybes, suppositions,  superstitions, spruced up hand-me-downs, nicely tailored, worn-out things that sort of cover up and disguise one's real realities.

Scrutinize, double think, question anything presented as a fact, and be brave.


Yes, it can be embarrassing but don't take facts as facts and cover up your personal realities.


Carola said...

I think you are absolutely right. After all, we are just tiny specks in a bottomless universe. How can we presume to know what real actuality is.

mikeslickster said...

My luck: if I dismiss something as being nonfactual, it will turn out to be true. If I trust in something or someone, I'll find out otherwise. Damned if I do, damned if I don't; although, the thought of going naked is delightful, but a bit too cold now outside for that :)

lisabonowiczphotography said...

Absolutely Em. Take everything with a grain of salt and even then, do your own research!

A.S. Washington said...

The trick I find is to believe what you feel and let life sort out the rest. I don't watch the news. I stopped long ago, because it's always negative 99% of the time. Everyone's dead one day. Just a matter of the how and the win. Live like there's no tomorrow and do everything in moderation, just in case there is.

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