Friday, August 25, 2017

Just A Quick Look At Something Personal

Back in 2013, I usually said "Good morning" to the small pot of elephant ears that sat on my book shelf.
That's how it looked, in February, 2014, after 2 of its ears  turned brown. On the steps to our roof where we have a storage area, I found a larger black pot. My husband, John Cullum, got a flower shop owner, a fan who'd seen him in various shows, to sell him 4 cupfuls of potting soil, and we transplanted it. I put it on top of my printer just below a bright light. Calling it "Plantee," I started greeting it every morning and every night.

By October 2015 there were 5 nice-sized elephant ears, 3 small ones, and 2 sprouts. I got a bag of potting soil from Kmart for $4.95. We didn't have a right-sized pot, so we used a large Plaster of Paris can. Scrubbed it, loaded it with soil, adding 2 wood sticks, 2 straightened-out wire clothes hangers to support the 2 main stems, and installed a lamp to give it sunshine near the fax machine in the hallway between our offices -- it's Plantee's home now. I say hi and compliment it, whenever I pass through the hall to chat with John, golly, around a dozen times a day.

If you work in a small office, spend your day inside away from people and other living things, hey -- a plant to love and cherish, and talk to -- wow, it grows you like it grows the plant.

You're growing, and growing, like I say as I run out of words in this in this video about the wonders of growing, growing, growing like Plantee.


gary peacock said...

No windmills in the city, derrick's will suffice, John Quixote.

Carola said...

I had to give away all my house plants in 1994 because I was allergic to the soil (probably mold). But I have the good fortune of flowers and trees outside my windows, so I am not too deprived. But I remember the joy and heartache of taking care of house plants.

Linda Vee Sado of Slippery When Wet said...

Looks really healthy I've had to transplant mine all outdoor because the cats chew them up. But some are getting 5 feet tall now

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