Saturday, August 8, 2020


 THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE BUY TICKETS TO SEE HIM, HEAR HIM, IN THE SHOW.  He's got something -- talent,  and an effortless friendly manner that makes the audience feel that they been introduced. His tone of voice--is that a southern accent, a drawl? The way he get people to focus on him as the play progresses, certainly reveals why Chucky Jack's considered a Tenneesee hero. There's no microphone--no visible mike in the footlights, but a mike could be overhead in the lighting equipment. I read that stars of shows wear devices in a shirt or pants pocket. I'll ask Mark--that's why we never miss a word... Maybe he was a church singer when he was starting out. Baritone voice, and yet the way he sustains the ending, the long note that he holds before the lights fade out...he sounds like a tenor... I could ask him, explain I want to write a story on the show for" the "The Knoxville News," ...he probably has a hundred girl friends. If I see him before the show starts...well, I  better the show again tomorrow.  His arms before the first cartwheel are still stiffish.  I'll bet he has a girl friend...  

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