Saturday, July 20, 2019


Go for a walk?  Talk about various possible projects?  Turn on the television?

John makes a beeline for the kitchen.  We could have a sandwich--we seem to be hooked on bacon, lettuce and tomato on rye toast--NOPE-- John opens the orange cabinet where we keep starchy foods.  And I get the right-size small pot.

Monday, July 15, 2019


"Thank heaven for Charo," said the New York Times, with an article and this photo.
Out of the blue, the photo became visions of the sexy, silly, outrageous girl-woman, married to Xaviar Cugat, and an inner "wow," as the newspaper quoted her saying, "You must live! And you must watch out for the people you love!"

Charo, married for more than 40 years to Kjell Rasten, was walking through her home on February 19, singing, "Good morning, good morning," when she found him. He had shot himself. Her 78-year-old husband, father of Shel, their 38-year-old son, was suffering from a rare disease that is characterized by terrible blistering of the skin. He'd been deeply depessed.

Shel entered just as Charo told the New York Times lady, about making cuchi cuchi with his dad. Bandleader of TreaZon, a heavy metal group, he said, "I clearly picked the right time to show up."

Charo said, "Around the world I am known, as a great musican, in America I will always be the cuchi cuchi girl. That's okay, it has taken me all the way to the bank."

According to Wikipedia, right after she filed for divorce from Cugat declaring she was 13 when she met him, Charo was paid as much as Sinatra, headlining shows in Vegas.

Charo told the woman reporter, "I retreated to the bedroom the month after his death. I cried, but did not pray. I was empty. My time as a woman has ended life as a woman who experiences romantic love. I have my son, my sister, and nephew, and God. I love life. I will continue entertaining, and I will continue praying," Charo said each word as if it were the most important thing in the world. "Forty days after his death, we drank wine and planted a cherry tree to honor Mr. Rasten, and now it bring joy to others."

"The best thing that happened in my life--I recommend it to you--one day you have Sangria, open your legs and get pregnant. You must live! And you must watch out for the people you love! I have a plan. I want to change the world. I know what I want--what I want is what people want. When I read on Instagram, 'You make my day,' they make my day. When I can make people happy, I am happy."

The newpaper reporter asked if she is happy with her legacy and what she has accomplished.

"No!" She said with a girl-woman smile that said 'yes.' "I am a Capricorn, and a Capricorn always goes to the mountain. In my mind, it’s 'Next!'"

According to IMDb, the world's most reliable source for movie, TV and celebrity facts, Charo was officially 16 when she met Cugat. She is currently 78.

The New York Times "Thank heaven for  Charo" rings in my mind along with my "Wow!! What a woman!!"

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Nancy Pelosi is second in the presidential line of succession, immediately after the vice president.

Nancy Pelosi has been involved with every issue listed here--it is a list of every issue that has concerned America.

Civil liberties and human rights
LGBT rights 
Marijuana legalization 
Removal of Confederate monuments 
Women's Economic Agenda
Gun Violence Prevention
Monetary policy
Disaster relief
Health care 
Affordable Care Act 
Gun laws 
Military draft 
Use of government aircraft
Trump presidency:
(His fitness, tweets, state of the union speech, etc.)
Foreign Affairs: 
China; Colombia; Cuba; First Gulf War; Iran;
Iraq War; Israel; North Korea; Russia; Syria; Libya; Turkey.

Is anyone more knowledgeable, more capable of handling what's next?

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, saying Pelosi for President makes one feel safer, and more hopeful about the future--your personal future and the future of America and the World.

Thursday, July 4, 2019


I love this photo of  my husband, John Cullum, in costume, on the set for the  film "1776."

This blog is what I need to say every year around now. The feeling I have demands that I say it again, and again.

The candle on the table, the shoulders seen on each side of John indicates that other people are with him. The photo is John as "Rutledge," the Senator from South Carolina thinking about how he'll vote while other senators are voting.

Golly, the look on John's face is so real--typical--just the way my husband looks when he's thinking about one of our domestic problems.

John told me that this scene in the "1776" film had been done as a long shot, then cameras and lights re-positioned for the medium shot and filmed again; the setup was again changed for the closeups--he'd already sung "Molasses to Rum" twice. He told the director, Peter Hunt, "Better get it this time, I've just got one more "G" in me."

(JC told me just now that if I listened to the film again, I'd hear how he "slipped into the high note," that "G." He's a Baritone--a G can be tricky.)    
Wife, fan, lover of John Cullum delights in studying that photo of the man she fell in love with at first sight, the guy who had evolved from a very good looking, handsome, leading man on a stage, a leading man who could rivet an audience--into a man who could truly star in a show and draw thousands of theatergoers.

Why am I jabbering about all this? I'm doing it to remind you that people with whom you are intimately involved change, grow up as you do, and viewing them freshly, grows you up too.

Here's John yesterday at noon--at his computer, reviewing lyrics from "On a Clear Day You See Forever," one of the shows he starred in on Broadway.
       He's already meticulously rehearsing what he'll be talking about and singing in his One Man Show, at Studio 54, in September.

Yep! Wife Em WAS, IS, on Independence Day, enthralled by John in that marvelous film, stunned by the power in him, artist, musician, singer, actor, performer that he is. I am gifted by Mother Nature, God, and happenstance, to have been able to grow up with him.