Friday, October 9, 2015


Emily, proud of her good cooking, wants to know why John seems to add "Lowrys" seasoning," and hot pepper, to her best dishes.

John, roundabout explains why it could be his Southern Baptist background.

Out of the blue, he suggests that losing your sense of taste is one more thing that happens when you're growing older.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Every day I used to greet this small flower pot lovingly, "Good morning dear plant."

I wrote about it last February. It was never very robust. The next month it started turning brown.

Golly, I didn't want to say goodbye to it, but it had been turning brown for a few months and my husband, John Cullum, bought me a new plant in June, as my old plant left the world.

My new plant, (I call it "Plantee"), sits on top of my printer, on the automatic feeder cover, next to my router. As of day one, I have been talking to it, nurturing it, and gardening it.

Removing the cloth that covers my keyboard, I press the computer's ON button, and while it's loading, I grab the water bottle and spray -- one at a time -- each leaf and the sprouts on the stems.

Plantee started out with 4 leaves. Now there are 5 large leaves, 7 newer, smaller ones, plus 4 newly open leaves. And at the moment, 2 sprouts.

Yes, the green -- the aliveness of Plantee -- is each day more amazing. Plantee is the only real life thing in my office; as I spray her, I thank her, and tell her how beautiful she is.

If you are working in a 9 ft x 10 ft office, spending most of your day inside, away from people and other living things -- hey -- get a small plant to love and cherish, and talk to.