Wednesday, January 3, 2018


It's my first day back at work since the holidays.

Things don't seem much different from last year, when I was recovering from the election, worrying about our street, and what the new President will be doing, or not doing.

The small building they were tearing down last year is now an empty space that will become another parking lot, or someone will build a much taller building in the lot. Taller buildings make money, a few million per floor. More floors in the tall buildings across from our house are becoming condos for wealthy people with kids.

Looking out my window two days ago I saw their huge marvelously decorated Christmas trees. Today there are already two trees at the curb.

Soon all the trees will be in the street. After the holidays, you pretend not to notice the branches becoming brown and pine needles on the floor, until you notice pine needles on your kitchen floor and in the bathroom. Our tree is already in our hallway, waiting to be lugged downstairs.

The condo folks across the street will be elevatoring their trees downstairs where theirs and ours will rest ignobly on the curb till the garbage guys arrive to toss the tree into their bins.

Ah, our tree... oh my... As our son, my husband and I opened our presents, the way it twinkled and glistened reminded us of other years. Our son, actor JD lives in LA. He's already back there rehearsing for a new show, but he'll be here in February, helping me install the new computer we got for me for Xmas.

The computer will help me write -- I don't want to blog about politics, and mourn the good things from the Obama days that are being stopped, outlawed, curtailed, but I'm revising one of my plays, maybe producing it again -- that's fun!

My husband (John Cullum) will continue performing on Broadway in the "Waitress," while working on his one-man show and our audio book project. It delights me, how his friends and fans enjoy the way he tells my stories when he's reading one of my novels aloud.

Hey, it'll be Ground Hog Day soon, then Valentine's Day, first day of spring, 4th of July, Halloween, and in a minute it'll be Xmas/New Years again. We'll be very busy and our street busier than ever with a new parking lot, and kids. They'll have pets, and playmates. There'll be school buses taking them to school, and more grocery, drugstore, UPS deliveries.

I'll learn the names of the delivery guys and the latest new postman -- knowing names helps make my street, my world, into a friendly safer neighborhood. Children in the condos will be fun to watch from my window -- next time I see a child at the window  I'll wave. Kids wave back.

Here's a video that suits my mood -- "Bye Bye Christmas Tree," -- hello tomorrow!

Sunday, December 31, 2017


What a song -- what a gathering of people who gave us this song to sing. And today, again, like last year, and the year before and now -- right this minute -- this is a song that expresses what many of us  feel.