Friday, July 1, 2016


What a girl-woman she is....

Here she is as Frances in her new series, "Divorce."

She looks sad, as if she's remembering other times -- happier times in her life. The intial review for this series were okay .-- not great --critics and audience wondering where Frances is heading -- for reonciliation, mending the marriage,  or love affairs.  With jessica as star and producer, I feel she'll find many things in this show, pooiignant, fascinating, soemtimes schockig that are major for her audience. 

As "Carrie" in "Sex in the City," she changed the vision and dreams of millions of people -- brought laughter, reality, and honesty -- amazed us with her truthfulness.

I often wondered how playing this role affected the real Sarah J, in her own life. I sense, from knowing my husband, actor John Cullum, that she was doing her job -- creating, shaping, finding truth by digging into what was written in the script and making it real, not playing herself, just working.

Just working? Yep, revealing passions, anger, tenderness, fears, curiosity, lusts, of an invented woman -- not Sarah Jessica Parker or Mrs. Matthew Broderick -- just finding  how the invented Carrie felt.

What is the difference between Sarah Jessica. and the always fascinating Jennifer Aniston?  I think we get a "there's The Star" feeling with Aniston -- we feel that what she's conveying is very real but also, it is always Aniston. (With Meryl Streep, I forget it's Meryl, and am in the moment that's happening happening before my eyes.)

Yes, when Sarah Jessica Parker is playing a role, her name fades and I am focused on the person she's playing.

She's a very special, unique, superb actress.

I still remember the first time I saw her and fell in love with "SanDeE " in Steve Martin's "La Story." She was utterly real, charming, fun, unpredictably interesting, inventive. Searching for a video I came across these photos.

Here's the only clip I could locate and embed, for you to see why I love actress Sarah Jessica Parker.