Saturday, March 21, 2009


Waking this morning, to a faint noise, a vibration from our tenants on the floor below who are packing and moving, I thought about JC.

I crept downstairs last night, to sleep on the futon in my studio theater. It used to be "DanceHouse," my school where I taught; before that, it was rented by a guy who played the drums whom I desperately wanted to evict -- the noise was intolerable. We own the building -- a five-story brownstone in the heart of Manhattan; we occupy the two top floors.

Anyhow, upstairs, JC who is recovering from a coughing cold, was snoring.

JC's In-The-World clothes are on the rack in the hallway downstairs, upstairs on the brass coat rack, on coat hooks in the laundry room, in his three closets. (Yes, three, I just have one big one.)

Grrr..'s wonderful--JC the actor marches out everyday, to shop, to audition, to do a benefit, to talk with Phil our building's super about the latest landlord problem. Then JC is off to the theater 6 days a week to perform. He doesn't say no. Never says no. He reschedules, jumps through hoops to be available for out-of-town relatives, old friends, as well as meetings with agents, producers, directors ... that spirit, what a spirit, the go in him.

I love his looks (a handsome husband is nice to have) but JC's go spirit inspires me, a go person in a different way... to go go go ... go further, faster, more delightedly... just GO.

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Unknown said...

This post touched me deeply. It so beautifully captures the natural hum and easy rhythm of a solid relationship rich with all the nuances that make life as a couple interesting and challenging and ultimately so rewarding