Saturday, August 8, 2009


Almost, not quite two months ago ... and every single day, there are reflections, blogs, articles, speculation, news bulletins, comments from famous people about Michael Jackson.

Hamlet muses, "...But two months dead! nay, not so much, not two ... "

So where are your thoughts about MJ? Are you, like me, annoyed by the intense focus, and yet, still listening, absorbing the occasional revelations?

I found myself riveted for a moment or two, when the new son and a one-night-stand with his mother hit the news, wondering about MJ's sex life, a little more than before, instinctively skeptical about him being capable of making love with a woman.

Seeing one of the interviews in depth again, the scene when Michael Jackson looks the interviewer in the eyes and says just two operations on his nose ... M speaking about his white skin ... M describing the naturalness of sharing one's bed with a child ... his clear words, clear-eyed look at the camera as well the interviewer ... My mind still exclaims what a good liar he is. WAS!

Watching for a few minutes, lawyer Mark Geragos and three others adding their speculations onto all other speculations, I groaned and turned it off.

How did he die? Why did he die?. Was it homicide? Was M's personal doctor negligent or responsible? It may be a very long time till we have a conclusive decision from the LAPD.

Germaine talking about his brother is touching. The wicked father appearing neither wicked nor guilty of any crime, really, other than being a father with sons he had to discipline. is ... well ... the father isn't a sympathetic character, but he doesn't seem to be the villain who turned his talented son into a ... strange ... unusual ... what?

MJ's clothes, all his outfits, his jewelry, tone of voice, his possessions, his favorite things, and especially what he says about the birth of his children -- to me it isn't homosexual, faggot, or gay chatter -- it's female.

I think he succeeded in transforming himself into a woman -- a uniquely graceful, gracious, thoughtful, extraordinarily creative, important singer-dancer performer who'll be affecting the next generation of pop stars, and the next, and probably the next.

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Carola said...

And very loving to his children - that's what I like best. I agree there is way too much coverage.