Wednesday, August 12, 2009


That's me. I'm mad at Jerry Bruckheimer!

He's proselytizing --seducing, sprinkling his magic, planting his seed, capturing children, half grown to full grown teenagers, adults -- men and women!

He's the producer of hit films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean," "National Treasure," "The Rock," "Blackhawk Down," "Beverly Hills Cop," "Con Air," and TV hits like "CSI," "Cold Case," "Without a Trace," and more, and more, and more! more!

I counted 44 films, 14 TV series, 3 new television series for the fall season. One reference says he's produced more than 60 movies.

Betcha if I included the actual list, the names of all his productions, you've seen (and loved) at least 3. (Like I have ... well, I don't love "CSI Miami" but I watch it because of the glorious look of the yachts, water, beaches, and sunsets.)

(Actually it's overly, unrealistically colored to make it seem more glorious, more fabulous than it really is.)

This prolific 63-year-old producer/creator has his finger more on the pulse of what the North American public wants to see, in its movie theaters and on its TV screens -- than anyone else.

Well, cheer up -- Jerry Bruckheimer will probably make only $200 billion this year -- inflation is hurting everyone.

Major critics say he's a "monolith," his shows are "commercials for machismo," he's our "go to guy for hot planes, crashing cars, burly protagonists, and wham-bam sex."

Actually, in interviews, Bruckheimer sounds pleasant, confident, cool. He says, "I don't get offended. What I try to do is entertain people. If I make blockbusters that are fun for people to watch and take them away from their daily lives, then I've done my job. As long as we make really engaging films that people want to see and are entertained by, we'll keep making a lot of movies and audiences will flock to them."

"FLOCK TO THEM" -- hideously inventive murders, violence, brutality, rapes of men, women and kids, and of course, his heroes and heroines do a fair amount of killing.

I'm not asking you to boycott his shows . They help me not to think on and on, obsessively, about my personal work and daily routines.

I guess that means they're entertaining me. I'm having fun, it's recreation. Maybe it's just a deck of cards, like "Alice in Wonderland" says.

Anyhow, I'm warning us (you and myself). This form of entertainment is getting us SO accustomed to nitty-gritty, grim forensics, crazies, man destroying man, we may not be capable of enjoying anything that doesn't deal with shocking, ugly, revolting visions.

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