Friday, November 13, 2009


<----- portrait of Em working at her OLD FAITHFUL computer. confident -- reminiscing -- neatly organized.

With the help of a un-peppy, not altogether knowledgeable techie, I made a home network on my new computer. I had to name it. It's called NEWBIE. The Dell I've been using for five years is called OLD-FAITHFUL.

(If I'd had time to think I might have given them more interesting names but the hard-to-understand Indian techie had me talking in pidgin English.)

Why did I get NEWBIE? Because my Word Perfect word-processing installation on OLD-FAITHfUL can't be fixed, refuses to be fixed -- it's been fixed too any times. Spell check isn't working! My Oxford Dictionary's rebelling -- it won't give me definitions on advanced words.

Do I really think my computer has human characteristics? No. But I hover over it, keep it tuned and shiny clean like a super housekeeper and -- and dammit -- OLD FAITHFUL runs perfectly except for Word Perfect!!! The techies say my XP operating system needs to be re-installed -- aiii yiii – that means re-installing everything!

So I'll hobble long -- transfer stuff onto NEWBIE in my spare time -- meanwhile, spell check, look up big words on NEWBIE's Oxford.

I've got a feeling NEWBIE is Em the "newbie commentator!" See my post 'If it Aint Broke" 10/14. I've been blogging about people and things in the news since November 1 (with Em, the ex-dancer who's deep into dancing and novel writing and showbiz, lurking in the background).

NEWBIE "The Commentator," hasn't been in the "real" world of people traveling to work, working for a boss, or running a house for my family. All my life I've been an "independent contractor." According the IRS (the tax guys) that's what you are, if no boss controls what the worker does, or how and when he does the job.

(Anyhow, I'm not earning money -- just spending it on computers and techies, but wow -- I'm writing up a storm! )

Well ... I'm wearing one of my purple shirts. My hair's a mess. I'm not sure where I'm my next post is heading, but w-h-e-e-e-e-e- I'm giving it a try!
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