Sunday, December 20, 2009


Obama's back from Copenhagen with less than he hoped for.

How can he turn a not great outcome into something hopeful?

What about the climate-gate emails?

What about Howard Dean's "Kill the Bill" declarations ... and fellow Democrats saying "you won't get my vote unless you do .......?"

What about the troops preparing to go to Afghanistan, and double digit unemployment -- black supporters now saying he isn't doing enough for them, and Guantanamo?

And the polls ...

If you or I had all those issues on our minds, we couldn't sleep.

What can we do? If Obama felt the health care bill, that's now needing an up and down vote in the Senate, was "bad" and should be dropped, Obama would say so and tell us, and he'd drop it.

Hey -- I'm a rebel, if a trusted adviser (like an agent, an editor) tells me what to do, I don't do it -- not without questioning, and examining by myself, for myself what it means. But I'm a doer. Sometimes a decision has to be made. If I don't do what I've been told to do, I'm going to end up with nothing.

Okay? No, it's not okay.

I may lose a year or so of work -- maybe more. I may not be able to go back and start from scratch again. So, despite my reservations, I proceed to do what my adviser suggested.

That applies to writing, and any creative project. Somebody said (I think it was Teddy Roosevelt), "The man who does nothing makes no mistakes."

Am I advocating that you close your eyes, cover your ears, and nod? Yes. We hired him, we picked out the most trustworthy, smartest, best man around to do the job. Let him do it.

Sure, I've got questions -- how is the current Health Care bill going to affect me, and my family? But at this point, opinions questions, alternatives, individual concerns accomplish nothing.

Let the President handle it. He didn't come home with what he'd hoped to come home with, but he won't drop the problem of global warming or stop working on health care.

We know him. We have seen him working, non-stop, tenaciously on the Health Care bill. President Barack Obama will keep working on it, keep trying to fix what's wrong.
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