Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm having nightmares, tossing and turning, about what's being done to Tiger Woods. (See my Dec.9th post about him.)

We are now encouraging anyone he went to bed with -- to confess, grab a few second of fame, and be somebody.

This could go on for years. He's young. Girls are what young boys see and learn how to relate to, learn to want, love, and make love to. Do you need to hear about how he did this or that in bed, how many times, with whom, where, when? Then, watch a porno, read a dirty book, phone a sex hot line -- there are hundreds of other ways to get your kicks.

Elliot Spitzer, an exceptionally valuable man with knowledge, government experience on many levels, who can help the city, the state, other states as well as the White House, is finally (after we've kicked him around), creeping back into the world , strongly, bravely speaking his mind on current urgent issues.

We need Spitzer. We've participated, nodded, listened to and enjoyed a lot of ugly, destructive media follow-up on his sex life, his wife, and the girl. I'm hoping we'll let him rise again, while we're listening, tut-tutting over more banal revelations about the ambitious young couple who crashed the White House party.

Hey, we've got better shocking things to focus on -- that pretty American girl in Italy -- did she or didn't she participate in a sexual orgiastic murder? And we're not done with the Casey Anthony trial -- the face of Caylee, the child she murdered a year ago, and how Casey did it still haunts me. Will the death penalty be on, or off the table?

We've got the paralyzed murderer in the hospital at Fort Hood to cringe over, hate, despise. And wow -- heavy serous HATE problems, a deadly contagious infection of anti-everything in Washington D.C.

We need Tiger Woods in the world of sports, for what he is, and what he does -- need him as an example to all of us -- men, woman, kids, any color, all races -- of how work, striving, thinking, studying, practicing can turn a person into a hero.

No more discussion, psychoanalyzing, rehashing, blogs, tweets, celebrity commentator's with their opinions. Or Letterman, Leno jokes.

We need Tiger Woods at the Masters in Augusta in April.

Stop talking about it! Let Tiger Woods do what he wants to do.

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I agree with you totally

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