Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm an Obama "Yes" person.

Tuesday, last week, he spoke to the West Pointers. With clear, strong, thought-out words, President Obama gave them -- gave us -- gave the world his plan for the war in Afghanistan.

I nodded. I have to. He answered my deep concern -- that we are in a war like Vietnam, and there's no winning it.

He told me why -- for the sake of our future -- we must go after the Taliban, fight them, stop them.

Since Obama's speech, I'm almost afraid to listen to the news. I don't want to hear the tirades, the unacceptably rude, crude, inappropriate, twisted comments, lies -- from moderately important, educated men and women, who, in the past weeks, have used anything, everything related to what Obama is doing to fix the economy and health care -- to put him down.

And say all that President Obama's done this past year, has been wrong.

And to present their alternatives -- often, unbelievably distorted, unreal alternatives -- not solid carefully constructed plans. The alternatives often seem to be proposals -- that allow the speaker to express his reasons, his "proof" that we elected the wrong man.

I hate the polls, and I hate the commentaries, because they are a constant repetition -- of what this person, that person -- thinks Obama should do, the country should do -- individual opinions that are reducing the support that Barack Obama needs from the Democrats.

I realize the waffling Democrats are trying to protect their personal positions, and futures -- but it's wrong, hurtful, unnecessary to broadcast and promote what an individual thinks, and why the individual won't support what the President and his cabinet have studied, planned, and decided is best for the country as a whole.

You Stop! Look! Listen! when you're at a railroad crossing. The lights of the train are warning you, it's approaching fast. The red lights are blinking.

The elements that you, as an individual don't agree with, don't accept, don't understand -- can and will be dealt with -- but they can't be handled till an overall policy is in place.

For God's Sake, don't keep going back to "he didn't keep his word... he isn't doing what he promised." What Obama is handling is huge -- larger than what he could plan for, prepare for, last year.

I didn't expect, we didn't expect attacks on him -- hatred being encouraged by the Republicans.

Support the decisions the White House is making. Our president is strong. He doesn't bend under the pressures he's been getting.

I have to say the old, wonderful, patriotic things that have been said before, that made us what we are today. "...A house divided against itself cannot stand." "... United we stand, divided we fall."

Let's be "... One nation under God, indivisible."
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