Thursday, January 21, 2010


Criminals develop fans. Rock, pop and rap stars, especially the ones who beat up their girl friends, get into brawls, car crashes, or are caught carrying weapons or drugs -- their fame quotient soars!

The media pays more attention to murders than to regular nice guys, and devotes more time to tirading Republicans like Cheney, than outraged Democrats, like Biden or Kerry. Murderers, and screwballs are more interesting. But every appearance on TV makes them more famous. Cheney's power would be much less if TV didn't re-broadcast his speeches, and discuss them.

Every time the media quotes Cheney, it nails in the negative, anti Obama, anti everything that America stands for, that Cheney is laying on the current administration.

Boycott Cheney.

We're making heroes out of bad guys, cranks, and crackpots.

Okay -- I understand -- the media guys need hot news to keep us tuning into their shows.

●So tell us more about the balloon boy -- how's he doing at school?
●And the two pilots who didn't land -- are they still piloting planes?
● Update us on the status of the murderer in the Fort Hood Hospital?
● What about whatshername – the young woman who wanted more time for dating, and chloroformed, and buried her little daughter?

What about Liz Cheney -- she's on my boycott list -- she's using Daddy's name to get attention for her version of what’s wrong with everything that President Barack Obama’s doing.

And Russ Limbaugh --. every time he opens his mouth, you media guys quote what he said 10 times. Why don't you dig up some dirt on him and his current medication-- he acts high-as-a-kite!

Ditto with Lieberman. He's sucking up to anybody who might make him a name in history. Ask some prominent Jewish people how they feel about Lieberman?

I’m just complaining. Wishing, hoping that guys at the top of the media heap would read this and firmly, contagiously BOYCOTT Richard Bruce “Dick ” Cheney.
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