Friday, January 1, 2010


1. MAKE WORK DAY SHORTER ... 10 to 12 hours a day that I've been putting in on blogging -- it's too long! The moment the thought crosses my mind -- "I'm getting tired" -- stop! (Good resolution.)

2. EAT LESS SUGAR ... Eliminate what? No more peanut butter cups? But if I need energy before I do my barre exercise, I'll grab one (not two or three!)

3. SHAMPOO HAIR TWICE A WEEK. Unless the plumber can't install some sort of pump next week -- the only day the water doesn't stop unexpectedly is Sunday -- its awful, being stuck in the shower, no water, soap on my head.

4. AVOID THE MIRROR ... Unless I'm putting on makeup, or combing my hair (but raccoon eyes -- I better check if I'm wearing mascara -- raccoon eyes have to fixed.)

5.WRITE MY SISTER ... once a month? ... but that'll put pressure on her to write back, and she's too busy -- that's what she said in her last letter, so ... (not a good resolution.)

6. GO FOR A WALK ONCE A DAY ... If I have time, but I barely have time to take my daily barre -- maybe I'll wait till the weather's warmer.

Gee, these are not resolutions -- this is a tentative, iffy, perhaps, maybe, possibly doable list.

What about other stuff -- like cook dinner for JC more often ... order more paperbacks from, but I don't have time to cook, or read, right now ... anyway, JC enjoys cooking, and there's no place for extra books, unless I donate a pile of old ones -- when? Not now, unless I make my day shorter -- golly, if I have any extra time, I need to keep up with the news on television and in my magazines ... and decide what to write about that's current, important ...

What about making a resolution to find more things I ought to do that I can put on a resolution list?

Maybe the whole idea of making New Year's Resolutions is something I've outgrown. And the thing I do automatically at the end of each day is what I need to do -- tidy my desk, and sort of loosely plan what I probably ought to do tomorrow.


I hereby resolve to keep doing what I've been doing.
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