Saturday, February 20, 2010


We moved our television studio out of JC's office -- it was hard for him to work, with light stands and stools, and the extra connections cluttering up his desks.

We had fun, chatting again about the kid who lives on Camano Island, near Seattle. We're more relaxed, upstairs, sitting in our red living room, with our supper simmering on the stove around the corner. It brought back memories of life in Redmond, Washington. (It's also the home of Microsoft.)

We lived there while JC was playing Holling The Bartender, in the television series, "Northern Exposure," and we produced my play "Shattering Panes" in Seattle's off-off Broadway, Aha Theater, with Seattle "kids" in our cast and stage crew.

Fun kids, who prided themselves on their liberation -- they looked like hippies from the sixties, with their long hair, Hawaiian shorts and sleeveless shirts in the middle of cold winter. Also, their "liberation" was behind the times -- our hiring a black actor to play the groovy CAT, who used black slang and put down "whites" in the play, seriously bothered them.

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