Saturday, February 27, 2010


I watched the figure skating finals and here's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Japan and a big Mao fan, and your comments on Mao made me really really happy!!
Although I'm a bit sad Mao didn't win, I agree with the final results and Yuna winning, and I'm proud of Mao winning the silver medal.
But the media was all about Yuna and her artistry, and almost nothing on Mao except the triple axels, so I was really happy that you thought Mao was beautiful!! Thank you!!
Mao used to do ballet and even considered becoming a ballerina before she started skating and she says what she learned from ballet really helps her on the ice!
Her short program in the 2007~2008 season is also really beautiful and you should see it!!
Her best performance of that was at the 2008 world figure skating championships. You can find it on Youtube.

Yuri Lilian said...

Hi! I'm checking your posts these days and I enjoy it very much.I just heard that Mao's new programs for this season will be "Tango by Schnittke" and "Love Dream by Liszt" I'm so excited!!

Anonymous said...

hi, I am from denemark and I was soo shocked when I found out that yuna won, because mao's performance was was soo gourges, she made history be landing to triple axels and her spiral's and spins were were very extended and centeret not to mention her step sequences was very diffecult and fast and her jumps were textbook jumps,I know that mao made a couple of mistakes but honestly her performance was a hundred time more inspiring then yuna's performance...

Anonymous said...

I just watched your video and I wanted you to know that I agree completely with your comments. Yuna might know when to make the right facial expressions and how flirt with the audience, but Mao is a true performer and artist who performs from her heart. I definitely know what you're talking about when you say Mao has moments of "true dancing" while Yuna is just a performer.
When you're watching Mao, you know she skates because she loves to. She has beautiful jumps, spirals, spins, and most importantly, she feels her music and exudes a genuine love for what she's doing. Yuna on the other hand has made comments early on in her career about how she hated skating and wanted to quit so it seems she's only doing it for the success and fame. She seems to rehearsed and doesn't stand up at all to Mao.
With all the hype about Yuna for the past months, I'm really glad to have found someone else who supports Mao, so thanks!

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