Friday, March 19, 2010


If I had the ear of The Daily Beast, I'd yell Stop ! You're promoting peeping Tom-ism. You're keeping alive the visions of Tiger making love to other women, feeding a fire that's hopefully, on its own, burning out.

Stop publishing the junk you're publishing! It's out-of-date, and behind-the-times! You are selling narrow-minded, judgmental remarks that your staff is making, about what Tiger Woods should, or should not do. It's boring, low-level, bs.

The public apology was pushed on Woods by small-minded fans and Websites like yours, who sprinkle suggestive details into their internet postings to attract more readers of hot gossip. And with your videos on Tiger and other famous "fornicators," you've got them lapping up authoritative sounding commentary on how Tiger should handle his private life. In your hypocritical, sanctimonious tone, you are selling readers more visions of Tiger and his other babes, encouraging anyone who logs on, to keep Tiger's private sexual doings in the forefront of their minds.

Tiger Woods did not need to make a public apology. The day and age when men and women are obligated to apologize publicly about what they've done in their private lives, has been over for a long time.
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