Friday, April 16, 2010


Quick! Pull the window-shade on bad thoughts -- how much you weigh -- you're looking old -- those other things you don't want to think about, but YOU ARE thinking about -- private things about yourself you hate -- the feeling you're stuck, going nowhere in your life.

Everywhere you turn you're bombarded with FEEL GOOD stuff. And you're NOT IN THE MOOD for trying/doing any life-lengthening, self-help, health-preserving things -- Resveratrol that Dr. Oz swears you need, or FRS -- "Quercetin" pills that give you energy; or Jennie Craig, Nutrisystem, or any revitalizing creams, shampoos -- no! no!-- okay, yes to a Life Style Face Lift, but what is it? Is it like the latest jogger-stepper-upper you can pay off in a year, or some cheap, sure-fire thing that looks like poles with rubber bands?

Turn your back! Turn the dial! The charming, good-looking salespeople make it sound like fun, and easy, but you've already got too much junk on your mind, boring routines, boring clutter in your closet, in your drawers, a mountain of things you don't use, or wear.

Shut off the thought! Shut up these voices! Tell yourself I'm Okay, I Am What I Am.

Go out. Take a walk. Go buy a tiny notepad and a pencil.

I like lists -- it's a way of thinking and remembering what you thought. Make a list of things I CAN do, MIGHT do, might TRY -- write it down. Scribble away; put down anything -- mending, fixing, re-organizing, or maybe a vacation? Put down where. A food craving, household gadget, new shoes? You want pet? A hobby -- a calligraphy pen, a plant? Put it on the list.

Number things -- the 5 best, or 10, or number them all, in order of preference.

Be you, and like a good parent, get the child-you busy, not bored. Do at least 5 things you listed! Or even just 2. Tell yourself I AM WHAT I AM.

Sometimes that's what you need to do, in order to turn a time of accomplishing nothing, into a constructive, important, GOOD TIME.
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