Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's remarkable -- the Visible Vote app -- one more thing you can do at your convenience -- no standing in line, waiting for your turn. It's one more advantage that Blackberriers have.

You can vote, make comments, tell legislators how you feel about an issue, and learn how they're voting. And of course, with this app, on your Blackberry, (or iPhone, Android, or any device with Window 7), you can share your politics with your Facebook Friends.

It's malarkey, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm from the dark ages when communicating was not done with a device.

I am not impressed, thrilled, excited, challenged, tempted, or even vaguely tempted to get a Blackberry, or an iPhone, Android, or any of the advanced mobile devices. I'm not interested in communicating with the Board of Elections, or drugstores, supermarkets, department store, travel agencies, restaurants, post offices, maps, or my friends and professional acquaintances, in this super-fast, in-tune-with-the-times, current, mobile way.

For me, it would be stifling, limiting, not expanding my mind, or my abilities. I'd just be one more of the millions who have dived into the WEB spun by spiders, inked by octopuses, caught in their tentacles, engulfed in the current that whooshes me, and a million-billion other human specs to ... where?

I don't want to be in the stream, glug-glugging along.

l prefer to stand on the shore by myself, and watch the specs bobbling, floating, swimming along with the tide, and say "hi" to the cleanup-repair folks (going to work, earning a living), who can't afford much of anything mobile, except shoe leather.
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