Saturday, May 8, 2010


This video was made before I finally pulled myself together and FACED it! Yow! I'm facing it, but nobody told me there's a lot to learn.

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Mary Ellen said...

A few thoughts (sorry for the length) on Facebook:

You are right; FB CAN be an utter waste of time. (You didn't even touch on the subject of FB users who spend untold hours involved in FB-based virtual communities such as Farmville and Fishville and Petville and who-know-what-else-ville; these are the people who accumulate hundreds of "friends" with whom their only connection is the FB game community.)

On the other hand, Facebook can be a very good way to boost traffic to a blog or other Web site. I have several friends who are bloggers; they post links to their latest blog posts on their FB pages. It is also possible to set up a "professional" Facebook page; the people who connect with you on such pages are not "friends" and cannot interact with you as fully as "friends" can; they have indicated that they "like" you -- or your Web site or business, to which your FB page links. (My brother, who hosts two radio shows, one local and one on Sirius, has two entirely separate FB pages: a "friends" page and another page -- with the "like" function -- for his radio fans.

Similarly, organizations and individuals as diverse as the Metropolitan Opera, the Morgan Library, the Mint Theater, fashion-designer Victor Costa, and quite a few romance novelists have FB pages that they use to alert fans to what's new -- and thereby help sell what they have to offer.

All in all, FB can be a good thing if used carefully (you MUST stay up to date with your security settings!) and with a purpose in mind. You might want to consider having a trusted friend who is familiar with the ins and outs of FB set up a "like" page for Em's Talkery and The Readery -- and, for that matter, a page for fans of JC!

And (just in case you're wondering): Yes, I am on Facebook -- and I have made contact thereon with long-ago school friends.