Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Is this a dream come true for Lady Gaga?

What I see is a huge resurgence of slinky, sexy, seductive womankind, an essence of the way we were before "Women's Liberation."

This Lady Gaga on the cover of Time is yet another version of the creature, girl-child-lady who attacks us with her non-songs, her bewildering, fascinating array of subjects -- places, clothes, points of view, prosaic objects, phallic props, inappropriate, incompatible, old fashioned, ultra sci fi thing-ums that jar us, spook us -- make it almost impossible to turn away.

Gaga, doing whatever she's doing, transforms herself into a flickering jumble of recognizable elements that do not translate into logical thought. But it communicates -- it speaks to us.

In that slinky dress, the metal work on her breast makes you think what the hell is that? Is it a spoof on Madonna back in the days when M wore stiff, super pointed bras?

I don't think so.

A left breast from which a metal structure grows says just that -- it's from her heart. And the mish-mash of poetry, rhyme, tuneful phrases sung while she's on a phone, bumping and grinding, caressing herself, dancing-cavorting with girls and guys says just that, as does her TOO MUCH makeup, lace veils, wild hats, massive hairdo's.

Everything she does, says, sings, wears --it's all too much.

Chaos -- artificial beauty -- sex-sex sexuality -- no rules -- "I am whatever I want to be," says the lady.

I say Yay hurray, Lady Gaga -- you are telling women, young and old, to be what they want to be. You belong on the list of 100 most influential doers.
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