Sunday, June 6, 2010


He's 27, Chinese, famous in China as a blogger, race car driver, best seller novelist, short story writer, essayist, who also sings, lectures, recites poems to huge audiences ...

Young people adore him. The government, the literary world, the middle-aged and older leaders do NOT like him at all ....

So, I'm asking Han Han, what's your objective?

Unfortunately, everything he says, even a direct quote from Han Han, has been filtered through a translator.

In a recent quote he said: "I want to be able to say whatever I see is the truth. When I blog about it, I get a thousand responses. Letters, email, gifts, followers, offers to visit, lecture, to do a show, be feted."

Asked if he was disappointed that his novels aren't being bought, he replied that he was disappointed, but he was onto other things that he could not express in a novel.

He explained: "The writers, the Writers' Association, critics, bureaucrats, city mayors--they're old and out-of- date. They can't stand being teased. They hate me; they're trying to destroy me because I'm getting kids, the younger generation to hear me, read my blog, and rebel -- refuse to accept the restrictions, the oppressive laws that make men kill ... kill students, kill daughters, even kill their sons, out of the kill mentality we were taught, so that our families could only have one child."

Han referred to the middle-aged worker, (at the factory where Apple and Dell computers are built) who hacked a woman to death about a week ago, murdered 5 students, and jumped out the factory window to this death.

Two weeks earlier, a man hacked to death 7 kindergartners and 2 adults with a meat cleaver. This tragedy happened after 5 other reported assaults on school children, in which 17 people were killed and 100 injured. All the murders were middle-aged men.

Older Chinese have been expressing sympathy for the murderers. The government has increased security at all China's schools, which now require all students to learn self-defense techniques.

Han Han is telling kids, telling everyone who reads his blogs -- what the government is doing is wrong -- and he's gaining power.

I watched Han Han in a video. He was exciting, and passionate. I watched the entire video (six minutes), but understood only one word that he articulated perfectly -- "Facebook"

Hmm. I wouldn't be surprised if he came to America for a visit, one of these days.

The look of Han, his youth, his fame, the fact that he dropped out of school and wrote books -- this do-everything, say-anything guy gives hope and energy to young people who, like the kindergartners and the older folks, have been trained to obey.
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