Monday, July 19, 2010


It's growing on me, the need to figure out why the look of this lady bothers me.

Why she worries me, and what has been written about her makes me think ... uh oh!

I like Hillary Clinton, and I like Rachel Maddow. It isn't unadulterated admiration. I like Christiane Amanpour. I like Sandra Bullock. If I sat and stared at my fingers, I'd remember other names to add, but it wouldn't be a long list. Women that I admire need to be observed for quite a while -- my feelings need to season, and a sense of trust happens (or doesn't).

I liked Greta Van Sustern on Fox News, till the pre-election days, when what she was reporting was so biased, so loaded with anti Democratic ideas -- it was such a heavy-duty, one-hundred-percent Republican voice, that I stopped watching her.

If you ask me about my politics, I say I am not political. I don't belong to a group. But I usually end up on the Democrat's side of the fence because what they seem to support makes sense to me/my logic/my experiences as a girl/lady/babe/mother/ wife/woman.

(For me it's like buying a right pair of shoes. I have to be careful of my bunions, and the fact that the toes of my left foot do not bend more than one-third of the way a normal foot needs to bend in order to walk. I fit "Democrat.")

What are the elements I see/hear in the fresh, new face Of Nikki Haley?

Posture registers. How this woman carries herself, gestures or doesn't gesture -- does she stand up straight, and sit straight. How she dresses -- skirts too short, clothes too tight? Nikki looks great.

Heels too high has become a category -- spike heels means she is proud of her legs and using them seductively (as Sarah P does). And why not? But when I'm adding up do I like her, don't I like her -- it's a small factor.

Of course I note makeup. Haley's makeup is perfect, just the right amount.

Too much God talk doesn't work for me because I was brought up without a religion. If you say grace I think that's lovely and graceful, but you will lose me if your grace is larded with father/son/ holy ghost/ or our "dear lord Jesus Christ."

Nikki Haley hasn't thrown in a lot of God talk; nor has she indicated race prejudice.

That she's Indian is a plus -- her parents were Sikh; she's married to a "Methodist," raising her children as Methodists. But she has said that she is "anti establishment, for smaller government, and lower taxes."

So I'm worried about her unexpressed attitudes toward women's rights -- abortion, health care -- and fixing what's desperately needing to be fixed -- roads, rails, the electrical grid, environment, immigration -- oh dear -- it's a long, urgent list.

And she's supported by Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter -- angry, articulate anti-establishment columnists, -- and Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Sharron Angle -- women who are attacking, undermining, stalemating every move that the man we elected is making.

I cannot wait around for more specifics.

I think Nikki Haley is another pretty face in the vase of flowers of great-looking, talented, handsome women who are perfuming the air with ugly, dangerous, negativity that's making it hard to breathe. They are hurting everything and everyone.

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That's a great last sentence. Last two sentences, I mean.

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