Friday, July 16, 2010


This is on T shirts that some of the REBELS wear.

REBELS SAY: Overthrow/ impeach Obama --he's "illegally the president," "he isn't American born," "he's a socialist, he 's Nazi, he's a communist."

(I want to put my head in a teacup -- it sounds like jabberwocky from "Alice in Wonderland.")

REBELS: Cut taxes! Don't pay your taxes! Don't extend unemployment insurance! Don't waste tax dollars on hobos who won't take menial jobs!

(But if the unemployed guys had a little money, they'd spend money, and don't people who spend money help end the recession?)

REBELS: End the wars! Bomb Iran!

(Gee -- end the war/start a war -- won't we have a bigger war to end?)

REBELS: Take America back!

(Uh ... take it back from whom? The Democrats? Didn't we elect Barack Obama.)

REBELS: Join the Militias! March! Be prepared to kill the "Anti Christ!"

(Golly, that s what the Hutaree militias in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio were plotting, and they're in jail, aren't they?)

REBELS: Do what Sarah Palin says, what's wrong with being the party of no? Don't retreat. Reload,

(Hey, guys -- fight the government -- "overthrow" the government -- isn't that treason?

And Nevada's Sharron Angle, the Tea Party nominee, says that the second amendment is there
"for the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government." And Minnesota's Michele Bachmann wants folks "armed and dangerous because we need to fight back," and Alabama's Rib Barber, Republican candidate has an ad with George Washington declaring " "Gather your armies."

And Oklahoma legislators are actually, right now, trying to pass laws that will allow them to gather their own armies and fight the federal government.

Hey, gee, golly -- I feel as if I'm watching an old movie -- "Rebel without a Cause," a big bunch of restless, troubled, complaining adolescents getting together to do something -- it doesn't matter what -- as long as they get rid of the bad guys, but gee, who are the bad guys?
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