Sunday, August 15, 2010


John and Emily chat about actor Sean Penn, impressed by the fact that he's still managing a tent camp in Haiti. After six months, most of the country is still like a war zone.

Emily tries to get John to express his opinion on Penn's talents as an actor. John's reluctant at first, but he digs into the subject, and delights Emily with his clear understanding, and appreciation, of the way Sean Penn creates a character for each of his films.


Carola said...

I had no idea Sean Penn had been in Haiti for that long. Good for him. And thank you for reminding us to remember Haiti.

Inge Hanson said...

I loved your talk about Haiti and Sean Penn. How amazing that he is actually there - and I agree with your take on his acting. Really great to hear you - and it's an incredibly important topic. And I loved the way you both talked! Inge

Linda said...

Loved today's video. Wonderful as always!

I also love Sean Penn as an actor. I think he is one of the best and also admire his dedication to the causes that he believes in.

At times he has made some really bad mistakes as a person which I wish he hadn't done like punching a paparrazi years ago, but I do understand his passion.

He is clearly a very passionate man in all phases of his life and that can be wonderful or can get one in trouble as well.

Hugs from Linda

Ty Jeffries/Miss Hope Springs said...

This really makes for wonderful viewing. Heartwarming and thought provoking at the same time. Thank you for going to all this trouble of making your blog. Facebook friend Linda Phillips told me about what you do... I love that you manage to give a balanced look at different view points.
You have so much to teach.
Thank you

linda h said...

hi- i didn't listen to your talk. i think sean is doing his best to help people and i admire him for that. a lot of people want to forget about haiti; it wasn't a pleasant country before and it's a mess now. focusing his energies on people who need help, and are very forgettable to others, is an honorable thing. i have enjoyed many of sean's movies, particularly mystic river. he puts a lot of himself into that work, films.
a few yrs ago, when he was living in northern california, he visited a watering hole near my current home to hear some local musicians. using the facilities, he was washing his hands, and water sprayed all over his pants. he stormed out to the bar. the owner gave him some t-shirts with the bar's logo on them, i guess so sean could dry off. that's the most exciting thing i heard about sean while he lived up here. we all knew where he lived and no one bothered him or his family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Em and John:

My friend, Linda Phillips, told me about your site. I've long been a fan of John's work in film. I'll never forget first hearing the line: "Terminate with extreme prejudice." I just watched your video talk about Sean Penn and found it very honest and interesting. I've met Sean several times and always found him to be very open and giving, unlike the way he is often portrayed in the media. My last talk with him was at Dan Tana's way back in the mid 1990's. I've written a screenplay about topical singer/songwriter, Phil Ochs. Sean was a big fan. He lamented to me that, though he'd love to have played him, he was too old at that point. My script wasn't completed at the time. I'd love to reconnect with him and see if he'd like to direct it.

I am so impressed with his political courage. I think I disagree with you about the idea that actors may compromise their work by being so politically active. I think that it is our job as Americans to take an active role in forming (and reforming) our government and that we should use whatever platform that we have in order to do it.

I look forward to following your blog and your videos.

All the best!

Jack Comeau

R.T. said...

Good evening Emily and John, Another heartfelt chat from you two eases the pain of the world's traumas again and is always a pleasure. It doesn't surprise me that so many people invite you into their home as I do. Sean has been a bad boy on and off the screen since he began acting. On the screen, he has matured his acting into many believable characters, like in Mystic River. I enjoy many but not all of his movies, and yet, I have never let his politics damage my enjoyment of his screen performances. He is often outspoken because, like so many of us, we see so much inaction by those we have trusted to work on our behalf. So, I understand when he seems a bit extreme. Personally, he is a man of action... while others talk the talk, Sean walks the walk. I have the utmost respect for his participation during hurricane Katrina and now in Haiti, and am glad we have people willing to get into the trenches when our own government drags it's feet. He continues to stand up for those forgotten by our own media and I think he is an honorable man who I would be proud to know and call my friend.
Kindest regards!
Randy Johnson


Hi, Em and John--I think he's a fantastic actor; I loved him in "Mystic River" and so appreciated him in "Milk". Not sure of anyone else who might have brought the same passion to that role. And of the things I know of that Sean Penn has done or said off-screen, I say a HUGE, "BRAVO!" I'm glad he speaks his political conscience. There aren't many people who are courageous enough to 'walk their talk' to the degree he does.

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