Friday, January 7, 2011


Dear A ... B ...C ... D... E ... F... G .. H ... etc

I've written this "Dear You" post before. Did you know me in September and read it back then?

I need to say it and write it again for 2011.

(Because I have a new page for Em's Talkery now, I've had to go through my friends list -- 889 profile pictures -- click each picture, and send out a hi, asking all my friends to "like" the new page.)

You are on the list because you've confirmed a friend request. So I am talking to you -- a real person in my mind, not just a name. I've seen your FB profile, glanced at your stuff -- photos, graphics, mutual friends, age, etc. Whatever you've put on your profile page goes into my brain and stays in what my husband, John Cullum, calls my "hopper."

I absorb your words, tone, rhythm or lack of it, stiffness, inhibition, tendency to apologize, sense of humor, friendly or not very friendly implications in what you've mentioned. I sense solidness, lost-ness, even shyness, and vague unease. And I remember what you've conveyed -- not the details, but importance of certain people, events, and things you've done (or have mentioned that you haven't done, but wish you had.)

So from your FB page, (or from a comment, or a message you've sent me), I know you.

I've been a Facebooker since May. I see how my friends come and go -- disappear, and then, sometimes return. But I continue to KNOW who you are -- the reverberations of our back-and-forthing stay with me. I wonder what happened to you, and think "Gee, I haven't heard from so-and-so" and move you to a someplace area, to make space in my hopper for the current people.

So here I am, into the first week of a new year, sorting you and me out.

I'm hoping you'll say hi, or comment on ... well, maybe my vision of "Vertical Gardens," or my not sweet essay on "Angelina Jolie" or you'll say something about our "New Appliance Woes."

Or maybe you'll wait, and say something about next week's essays that I'm working on, "Gone Heroes and Heroines," or Britain's "Bad Sex Award."

I'll say it again -- dear J ... K ... L ... M ... N ... O ... P ... etc ... I know who you are.
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