Sunday, January 9, 2011


Installing their new fax machine, has taken hours on the phone with HELP people who weren't helping.

After more than eight hours of trying to make it work, the Cullums packed up the new machine and returned it.

Today, when a new machine arrived, they went to work again on installing it (without HELP).

They tested the fax mode. It worked until someone phoned them, and throughout the conversation, the fax beeped unmercifully.

Now what? Send back the new machine? Call HELP again?

The Cullums have decided that they'll advise anyone who wants to fax them, to phone them first. Then, and only then, will they turn on the new machine.

The Cullums say, "New appliances are helI!


Linda Phillips said...

Thank you. I will never buy anything new again!!!! :-)

Actually there is a setting to keep it on that will not interfere with incoming phone calls. I will check it and message you.

I have only one phone line since I installed DSL 11 years ago and I have no problems with my fax.

carolom said...

Sounds to me like you have a mutual inFAXuation with this d*** machine!

Fatal aFAXction?


Carola said...

I'm with you. We have to buy a new computer and I am dreading it. Our computer works fine, but doesn't have enough memory and can't be upgraded. I hate the planned obsolescence we have to face in all our electronic gear.

Kevin Daly said...

New appliances! I've been inundated. New digital printer/scanner/copier in October. A new LED TV at the end of November (with digital cable set-up). A Blu-ray player at Christmas, a humidifier before. Just last night a new microwave as the old one unceremoniously gasped its last magnetron.

For some reason I'm the tech go-to person in my family. I have to learn how things work then teach others and be the one to trouble-shoot. I don't mind so much as I love new things and exploring new technology, but it's such an investment of wasted time when things go wrong!

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