Monday, March 28, 2011


I am stuck. I don't like to be wrong! I think the messages I've been getting on FB that say, "Em, you are wrong," have upset me.

I thought I was just exchanging thoughts, back-and-forthing with guys, who wanted to comment on something they read in Em's Talkery.

Are the guys, the ones saying you are wrong, Em, saying this because they have the right idea -- a RIGHTER idea? Golly, I haven't been thinking about RIGHT and WRONG, or passing judgment on what is right, or what is wrong.

Yes, I'm being criticized for being judgmental, but hey -- I can't walk down the hall, or go outside, or read a book, or phone a friend -- I can't do or say anything without being judgmental. If I see or feel something that bothers me, confuses me, or interests me, I have to look at it and react to it, and reacting -- well -- I have to decide if I like it, or don't like it, or why it's annoying me, boring me, or making me turn away.

Golly, when I blog about a subject -- I toss it into the air, and see where it lands. Does it hit someone on the head, flop onto a shelf, or plop into a wastebasket and knock over something else, and make a mess?

Hmm ... Maybe it's better for me NOT to have friends -- I was okay, NOT UPSET, back in 2008 -- alone, all by myself, finishing my novel, "Woman of the Century" -- just occasionally reading a page aloud to my husband, being annoyed with him if he didn't get it, or thought I need to explain more, or less.

With my FB friends, Twitter pals, and all the neighborhood buddies that I've got nowadays, probably the best thing to do is NOT write today, not JUDGE, not DECIDE about anything, and not get opinions.

Even so, I can't help wondering if it bothers other people -- upsets them when people tell them you are wrong. If I ask other guys and they say YES it bothers them, then maybe I'm not wrong, I'm right, and if I don't write today, I'm handling being wrong, and then, tomorrow if I write, I'll be definitely alright-writer-right..

Ergo, all this is just worn-out Em's worry-warting-right-and-wrong word-war? So I'm okay?
Okay, I am almost am.
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