Tuesday, May 17, 2011


His death is still echoing.

I keep watching the news that I've seen before -- the last photo of Bin Laden alive and speaking -- Obama's speech telling the world that Bin Laden was dead -- the administrative heads watching the 40 minutes event -- HiIlary's hand at her mouth -- the tension in Obama's posture and the look on Obama's face .

No matter how many times I've seen the details, I want to see and hear the details again -- the planning, the mock up of the 'millionaire'-Bin Laden's home, the Navy Seals' stuff -- them practicing what to do over and over.

I've re-read Noam Chomsky's words --"Obama's lying ... It's a political assassination!" and each time I tell the famous MIT Professor/Philosopher, "You are wrong, Chomksy!" I can't even hold the thought that what Obama did was wrong.-- "NO, NO, it was a right thing to do!" is louder, loudest in my mind.

And though I say NO, NO about displaying the photos of Bin Laden's bloodied head and dead body because the photos will inflame his supporters, I want to see them -- I want to see photos of the grim, shocking end of this man.

It's as if I'm caught in this revengeful obsession. Maybe, because I am a New Yorker, the devastation of 9/11, devastated my sense of the good life that's our heritage, and the sorrow that's in me hasn't been cured by time passing.

Right now a "wow" explodes -- he's dead! We got him! We killed him! For a second he knew he was being killed.

Yes, I m enjoying the envisioning of the moment of death, a cruel second as a bullet hit his eye, rejoicing because the man who had Viagra in his medicine cabinet had a wife who was shot in the leg and his son was shot dead.

Stop celebrating I tell myself, but I'm celebrating, glad that Bin Laden is dead disposed of somewhere, nowhere, in an ocean.

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Heather Mash said...

Em, Justice, we are celebrating Justice, and it's sweet. The removal of this man also gives us assurance that Bin Laden is no more, he will plan and carry out no more killings of other human beings anywhere in the world. xxxxxoooo Heather