Monday, May 2, 2011


I thought the whole wedding thing about William and Kate was much ado about nothing. A graceful, lovely-looking girl married a Prince. The fairytale aspects of the story are pleasant, but it's not a story I enjoy hearing over and over and OVER.

I have been hearing, reading, seeing photos for more than month of the newlyweds' plans, gifts, guests, friends, clothes, activities, food, "the ring," his family, her family, her shoes, gown, the honeymoon, etc.

I am not interested, and now, apparently, there's going to be lots of rehashing of the big event. (I'll admit, I've had a bitchy thought or two. For instance, I don't admire Camilla. I'm amused (and feel sorry for Camilla) -- all the furor over Diana's son, and Kate, that makes Camilla the stepmother-in-law.

I'm chuckling over what Jerry Seinfeld said, when a British reporter interviewed him on the wedding day.

The reporter: "Are you excited."
Jerry: "Yes. It's 'dress ups."
Reporter asked again, "You're excited?"
Jerry: "Yes! It's a circus act -- it's absurd. Classic 'lets-play-dress-up, let's pretend these are special people.' Okay, we'll all pretend! That's what theater is. That's why Britain's got the greatest theater in the world. They love to dress up. They love to play 'pretend.' And that's what the royal family is -- it's a huge game of 'lets pretend!'"

Well, the Brits love it and most of my friends loved it, so maybe, in between the stunning news about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I'll watch a re-run!


Carola said...

I wasn't very interested, but my husband got up at 3 AM and watched it.

Linda Phillips said...

I really tried to not watch anything on TV, but the pre-wedding, after wedding and during wedding was inescapable. I watched movies instead. But alas, it was all over the internet as well..and try as I had hoped to...I did finally succumb to watching abbreviated clips and photos.

Note to Queen: Its 2011, when are you going to get with the program? Maybe , at the very least, loose the big purse? ;-)

Kevin Daly said...

I caught some of the preshow excitement before I went to bed, and my involvement in the actual wedding was a three minute recap of the ceremony on MSNBC. That's all I needed.

Good for England that they have something to push them to the forefront of tourism and world excitement (and it seems only their royal family gets that kind of press). But I'm not a wedding person - it's a private ceremony for 2 billion. Not for me.

That said, I am an Anglophile and am curious to see the Queen's jubilee festivities and the eventual coronation - that's the real history, the true legacy of Britain's royal family.

Nancy Castellow said...

I think they are a very nice couple. I do think that her dress was beautiful and simple, even though it was expensive it wasne't over the top as far as looks. Simple is better more elegant. I hope they teach the other royals down to earthness, maybe they can start a trend of that. Stop the snootiness (sp).

Alex Johnson said...

Emily,I agree with you. I'm British, but this 'royal blood' bull shit seems to be a hang over from the middle ages!
The trouble is people living grey lives need to live their dreams thru the lives of others, so I suppose they need their kings and queens, and fairy story princesses.
There is one good side to the story though- the British royal household really do bring the tourists in!

Warmest wishes, Alex Johnson

Terry said...

I live in Palm Springs, surrounded by party-loving gay men, so of course there was a big celebration! I popped in the clubhouse long enough to say hi, but really don't understand the excitement.