Saturday, June 4, 2011


I no longer have time to make beautifully tailored shirts for John Cullum, But I can mend a tear, now and then, on a shirt sleeve or pajama sleeve. And, I can also iron a patch onto his favorite jeans. I must admit, I like to shop for clothes for him, and keep what he wears looking nice.

Every so often, JC (or I, myself) get intensely focused on fixing something -- usually something for our home, but all of a sudden, John got fixated on pens and pencils.

It was fun. We shopped, and got in six automatic pencils and lead. Then, we bought three dozen packages of #2 pencils, and three dozen packages of standard pens.

More than likely, the packages had been sitting on the store shelf for a year or so, because the pens in two of the packages didn't write.

And so our ink pens adventure began. John and Emily discuss how the ink pen's became significant.


Linda Phillips said...

I love both of you and I always love the things that you both wear!!!!!!!

Carola said...

Ink is impossible to get out. Sometimes you can do it with hairspray. But not always. My husband ruined one of his favorite shirts with ink - now he wears it around the house only. Every washing, the ink fades just a little bit.