Friday, June 10, 2011


A very good friend sent me this video. Gee, I thought -- it was one of those chilly "spring" days we've been having, so I was thinking about the thermostat, contemplating turning on the heat.

Watching the video I couldn't help thinking this isn't something I can use for a post -- not now, not with what's going on in the world.

And so this video has been sitting in e-mail, gradually disappearing in the way one's email becomes old ma
il to archive.

Well, the very reasons why I was not going to post this video, is why I've posted it.

Yes, the news is confusing and worrisome, mixed with "nasty," but the beauty that has been created on this beach delights me.
The ocean and the motion of what's depicted here makes me glad to be alive today.


Carolyn Kalmus said...

Maybe his next generation of creatures will dance on the beach...with me.

Linda Phillips said...

Simply wonderful!