Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This bra is NEON.


It has neon meshed in the fabric.

These panties light up.
They illuminate you down there.

I didn't I know about neon bras, neon panties -- bikini style or briefs ...

And men's neon jocks,
jock straps, pouches, shorts.

My head isn't in the sand, but gee -- NEON underwear? why?

When the "thong" came in and "thong" was the way to go with underwear, I backed off into the sand. I thought, (and still think), that thongs are inefficient in terms of why you wear underwear. I mean, what is the purpose of underwear? It helps you preserve your outerwear -- washable underwear saves un-washable outerwear.

I happen to know, from my novel-writing-days that "NEON," more or less, was invented at the end of the 19th century. By 1901 it was used in signs. It became popular during the next decade. Soon, everywhere, there were flashing signs -- mostly red -- gas in tubes which spelled out "Beer," or "Liquor," or "Food," that developed into multi-colored NEON signs. No doubt about it -- NEON signs brought in the customers.

So, is NEON underwear a way of advertising you? Saying "I've got what you want?"

How much does a neon bra cost? .

This NEON yellow one is a "Proenza Schouler," which is a pricey super exclusive label, It costs $395..

The Pink undies above were in "Queen," a pricey store in London. I didn't bother pricing the men's jocks -- got distracted by a Website chock full of men's sheer NEON undies, front and rear views.

It all seems ... well, not much ado about nothing, but a hell of a lot of to-do about not very important things.

I guess it's like nose rings, body piercings, and tattoos -- a way of showing off your nose, ears, and skin, saying I love myself, I think I'm grand. When a woman wears sexy, lacy, see-though black, seductive underwear, seduction is the purpose, isn't it? So NEON is a brighter, much more cheerful, "out there" way of doing the same thing.

Anyhow, didn't your mom teach you to always, always wear "nice " underwear, in case you got hit by a car or a bus?

Clearly, while my head was in the sand, times have changed. And what were personal, more or less private, private-parts are ... Well, everyone knows more or less what you've got down there, so why not, with a flash of NEON say, "Welcome" to anyone who happens to look, right?

What does all this mean about sex, morality, sleeping around, having fun, experimenting?



Carola said...

Sounds uncomfortable.

Linda Phillips said...

It means that people must be very bored and some with a huge amounts of disposable income are even more bored.

PS: I actually own 2 thongs. Not neon, just stretch material. I bought them to wear with something that needed to not have a visible pantie line. They are totally uncomfortable and really serve almost no purpose. I think I may have worn them, in much discomfort, twice at best.

Terry said...

I don't think I'd have any trouble living without a pair of these.

Read "The Narcissism Epidemic" by Jean M. Twenge and W. Keith Campbell. It goes a long way toward explaining what's wrong with our society.