Thursday, July 14, 2011


When I was little, I'd look up at the night sky, pick out the brightest star and whisper, Star bright... star light ... I wish I may... wish I might ...

I thought the Milky Way was a carpet of diamonds, a pathway for me to follow into a wonderful dazzling future.

Here I am, now, in New York City, the place to be if you have big show-business dreams, and when I look up -- no stars! never a single star! There are no stars in the sky, definitely no moon -- just the red glow of lights from the busy city

It's always busy, always so crowded here -- wherever I go I'm dodging people, saying excuse me, or being jostled as I enter a store, or stand in line, waiting to pay a cashier. I worry because each year it's getting worse -- we are running out of things, like oil, water, coal, food, and space.

Remembering my carpet of diamonds, I find myself wondering if there are other worlds, other places, running out of things. I wonder about other planets like ours, people like us, who need and want things. Would they look like me, or like alien creatures in some of those movies?

Are there aliens? Would the presence of alien life explain away some of the strange things -- crop circles, UFO's, visitations that people have described, people disappearing?

The Kepler space telescope in California, studying the 500 "exoplanets" :orbiting other suns, found Gliese 58 1g. Was it headlines a year ago? It's three times the size of earth, in the constellation of Libra. (Being a Libra, I sort of know where it might be.)

Anyhow, the Kepler scientists decided It was too cold. -- water would freeze, you can't sustain life without water. But just recently, they've found another planet -- Gliese 58 rd -- which is twice the size of the earth, and redder looking than 58 1g

And now another group of scientists are saying there might be hydrogen heavy air on Gliese 58 rd, which might allow life to be sustained. So life on 58 rd or even 58 I g might be possible.

Major scientists throughout the world, say it's more than possible, it's probable. Lord Martin Rees, president of the Royal Society and astronomer to the Queen or Great Britain, said, “There could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there are aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

Stephen Hawking thinks that aliens are already here. They may be completely different from us humans, but like us need to find sources of things they need to survive -- not water, oil, coal, food -- other things that we may not have the intellectual capacity to understand.

I find this spooky, scary!

NBC's Brian Williams has quoted Hawking, saying that aliens may be like Columbus discovering America, "Look what happened to the Indians who were already here."

I find myself humming, hearing Cullum singing, " Is -- any-body - there?" (It's a plaintive tune the John Adams character sang in "1776." -- my husband played the role on Broadway for a while.)

Yes, oh my yes -- I'm paying attention to the idea that THEY could be here, casing us, colonizing in a form that we cannot see or comprehend!

Here are three scientists talking about extraterrestrials; also part of the Discovery Channel films that Hawking made, with an actor narrating Hawking's conclusions, plus images of aliens invading our earth like swarms of bees.

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