Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Huma Abedin, Mrs. Anthony Weiner -- what a mess to handle, avoid, run away from, or somehow fix!

Eyes on her, millions of people's thoughts on her -- picturing her, inwardly playing out her part in their minds, saying, "Tell him go to hell. Leave him. Divorce him. Move out of your apartment. Talk to a lawyer. Talk to Hillary!"

What Bill Clinton did -- whew, it was worse -- Bill, the president we admired, lying so passionately, so believably -- further destroying what President Nixon destroyed -- our ability to believe in and trust a man in public office.

Mrs. Weiner is silent. She's standing tall, wearing a smallish smile and bright attractive clothes. What is she thinking?

She has a baby growing in her. She's thinking about the baby. She's thinking about her work. She's concentrating on helping her boss who's also in transition. Hillary said, a few months ago, she will not continue on as Secretary of State. Has Hillary, will Hillary change her mind?

There's more than bad thoughts, ugly visions, shockingly wrong deeds that were done by her husband. What Weiner is, or was, is out-of-whack, twisted, very, very sick -- not with fever, but with out of control, fevered needs that say "help! help!" as if he'd attempted suicide and been saved, last minute, by a neighbor who called the police.

What created the "suicide"? I think it was sexual needs, an overflow of hormone pressure, or whatever creates a man's desperate need to ejaculate. Urgent need.

Yes, he was probably lonely, depressed, not sure of himself, his life, his love, his absent wife -- we have millions of horrible thoughts that don't need to be examined, organized, figured out -- thoughts come and go.

I would, if I were she, keep going with my life, my feelings.

Anger, annoyance, disgust -- whatever -- you can deal with them. They don't have to expressed. Yes. it's easier for you if you blurt them out. Yes, the words will create a sad, wriggling, living part of you that will not disappear, or ever vanish or go away. But you can live with that, and be you.

You've made something together, you are deeply, in the flesh, connected by what you and he created.

I'm saying don't think about anyone else but you and him, or pay attention to what others have said or done.

Divorce is acceptable. Divorce is what most women would do. Why didn't Hillary divorce Bill, a long time ago before he was president? The list of women who had to throw away the man, tells you divorce him. cut him off. It's sensible. It's self-protective. If what's left is so ugly-- you need to throw it away.

I say NO. Don't do anything.

I don't throw away living things, and Anthony Weiner is a living man whom you loved -- love for what you found in him and decided to marry. Deal with him as sick, and help him get well with tons and tons of chicken soup.

Chicken soup? When your own heart is broken and your head is full of black thoughts?

Yep. Drink it with him. Digest it together.

And see, feel, how things go.


Linda Phillips said...

Oh my goodness Em, you are so forgiving! If I were his wife, he would be gone by now, but that's me.

In my opinion Anthony Weiner is a sex addict. I am not being a bit facetious. Just as some people have uncontrollable urges to gamble or whatever, some people have uncontrollable urges for sex and are most turned on by sex in situation where they might get caught. Its a turn on for them.

They get off both literally and figuratively by finding themselves in dangerous situations. I think on some level they want to be caught and punished.

I don't think Weiner was/is able to control his impulses, even if he is still having a wonderful sex life with his own wife, he still needs more and more.

I have no idea just how curable this kind of behavior is with the proper professional treatment. I hope it is.

I feel sorry for his wife. I suspect that she had no idea that she was marrying a sex addict.

I certainly do hope that she and their unborn baby will be able to come out of this tragedy with as little pain as is possible. I also hope that Anthony Weiner can truly be cured of his addiction. He was a real champion of the people and a true Progressive. I hate to see his career go down the tubes, but I don't think he can ever go back to a political career again.

I wish them all the very best of luck and hope for the best outcome for all.

Carola said...

I see Anthony Weiner as a sick little boy, who needs to show off - a lot like the little boys in 5th grade who had to show off their private parts. They weren't sick, but they would be if they kept doing that into adulthood. I agree with Emily - if you love him, stay with the sick little boy and help him to grow up.