Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So, the "Beauty" does what?

SHE wears what's in vogue, be it miniskirts, super high heels, and goes for extra long eye lashes, pinkish lipstick.

HE'S probably into the biker look, and short hair.

"Beauty" is something that guys and gals, know! They read magazines, study ads, check out dot coms, watch talk shows, and inhale, devour, swallow what the commentators and their guests are wearing.

And of course, they keep a eye -- three, four or five times a day -- on their mirrors.

I know all this of course, because beauty-doings have been part of my life ALL MY LIFE, though lately ... well, for instance-- I have fantastic purple dress -- fitted bodice, flowing circular skirt. It gets me wows but ...

I want to wear it, but haven't been wearing it If I eat, the waistband is too ... well ... it's snug.

Also, dammit, my hair's a bother -- if I wear it loose it's lovely, but loose needs to be sprayed, and re-checked, re-done throughout the day. Lately, I've been clipping my hair to one side, rolling it into a sausage -- getting it out of the way takes no time --it looks okay -- it's MUCH less trouble.

Actually, I haven't worn a dress in a long time. Black pants and one of my black blouses looks neat and quite chic (certainly chic enough for the delivery guys, post lady, post man, super, and clerks in the grocery and drug stores.

Yes, if I wore make up ... (I wear a little, once in awhile, eye liner, some liquid makeup, pale lipstick -- I look "beautiful," "very nice," My husband says if I ask "how do I look?") Anyhow, I don't wear makeup every day. I don't need to. I like the way I look in bathroom, bedroom, and studio mirrors.

The fact is, when you're growing up, there's a lot you have to do for beauty's sake. You want people to notice you when you're job hunting, or trying to build a career. It's time-consuming, tricky -- figuring out what's flattering and just a little different -- you don't want to look like everyone else or "run of the mill." It's extremely important when you're growing up, to be memorable.

You're in that growing up phase for -- gee, how many years --a decade, two decades? Actually, it's what most people keep doing all of their lives. "Mirror, mirror on the wall" becomes just the looking glass -- a tool. You check it, study it, front and rear views, profile, close up and from a distance.

Your eye reports what you see -- you are getting older, you still look good, maybe a little less good this year. You consider all the popular cremes, beauty parlor treatments, Botox, life style lifts, surgery -- yes, no, maybe, not now .... yes, no, maybe, not now.

Gee ... now that I'm thinking about this... gee ... I have never dressed to please men or women. I've been doing what I've been doing TO PLEASE MYSELF.

Should I change my ways? No. Maybe use liner, liquid makeup, lipstick? No! WEAR MY PURPLE DRESS. NO!!!!

You've got to go with your current decade -- the clock ticks -- the year changes, the years change, you have changed. Like it or not, be where you are, be what you are.

You might as well enjoy it.


Carola said...

I agree, absolutely!

Linda Phillips said...

I totally agree! For one thing I too have always dressed to please one person...myself. The older I get the less I care and the less time I spend in trying to look great...great?..not even great...good at best....I dye my hair and have my eyebrows waxed.

I have a wardrobe of comfortable clothes that look good. I live at the beach and my days of dressing like a glamour girl, who had a career in NYC are long over with.

Dress for yourself and be comfortable with yourself.

Serena said...

I guess I'm sort of out of the mainstream on this topic - have always been so. I never know what is in fashion. I buy most of my clothes in thrift stores. Also, I live in the Phoenix area, so, especially in the summer time - heat is a big factor.

I am going through a decluttering project. I'm getting rid of anything that is really unflattering and or less than comfortable.

I do wear make-up . . . in the winter time . . . when I think about it. Okay, not that often. It seems I'm always in a rush and then I never remember to check later in the day. So, I'm a fashion drop-out. That sounds better than fashion failure.