Thursday, September 8, 2011


When I first saw her about two years ago, I thought, "OH NO" What I saw in that photo, the face, the words that were quoted seemed ... oh dear, so righteous, so self-promoting, and unseeing of the real world

Now KA-BOOM, Michele Bachmann is all over the news, proclaiming her truths.

Her face is symmetrical, perfectly shaped, unwrinkled.. BUT -- gee -- her eyes. The beam of her blue eyes bothers me. Those eyes stare at the camera and beyond, and say she's utterly secure about her ideas and thoughts -- be they religious convictions, certainties, personal ideology.

That look in her eyes is not just what she's figured out. It's in her genes, her bones, her bearing, her thoughts and language, her everything.

She's almost beautiful but there's a cold something -- sternness? Or is it an unbending, impenetrable will? a stiffness? Whatever it is, it makes me very uncomfortable.

I don't like her. I don't trust her. I don't feel any approachable womanliness in her. She's not a person with whom I can, on any level, share or communicate.

Her bearing says "keep away." It's as if she's one of those wonderfully tended green lawns in the center of the city park. And there's a keep off the grass sign.

Sarah Palin, whose ideas scare me, is preferable. Though I would hate (yes, "hate") to see Sarah as President of the United States, she has a feminine beauty, warmth, humor, inner joy -- and even with all her convictions that to me are wrong, prejudiced, limiting --- she's a much more acceptable candidate. Despite Palin's "sell" -- the often repulsive (to me, repulsive) ways she has promoted herself, I find Sarah Palin beautiful and real.

Bachmann is not.

I don't like the look of her. Yes, it's ridiculous, to base my attitude toward a viable candidate, based on her looks, not her politics.

What Bachman stands for -- her connection to Republicans, her opposition to things I feel are essential to America, I can't begin to discuss.

When I see Rick Perry, hear his tone, feel his energy, I respond to the man. Like him? Yes, I like him -- he states who he is and expresses what he feels. Though the thought of him as president makes me shudder --I think he'd be a nightmare for our country -- I can still listen and look and at him and explain why I totally disagree with him.

I've written this post to explain why I simply cannot think about Michele Bachmann. Newsweek called her the "Queen of Rage." In my opinion, she's not a queen of anything, except, perhaps, blind ambition.

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