Thursday, December 29, 2011


The stunning former model, Tyra Banks, is fascinating. She can model and look sexy, young, chic, elegant in almost any kind of outfit. She can talk her way into and out of and around almost any subject.

Tyra yells, screams, weeps real tears -- she can be very cruel, very sweet, motherly, sisterly, tender, as she confronts and subtly competes with much younger girls, and invariably wins first prize for beauty, talent, and know-how, no matter who, or how gorgeous her guest is.

Banks is a big gal -- 5'10", big boobs, broad hips, up and down in weight -- sometimes slender, sometimes borderline zaftig, voluptuous . She knows how to hide, disguise, somehow magically reconfigure her shape, along with her hairdo -- with one of her -- how many? I'm guessing she's got more than 200 wigs, and an endless array of formal, fancy, sloppy, cute, sleek, ultra haute couture, revealing outfits.

Wikipedia reports her yearly income is currently $28 million.

Every day she's on TV in the "Tyra Banks Show" or "America's First Model," which seems to have set the standard for reality show cruelty. After we briefly meet each contestant and each reveals how desperately she needs to win, and explains why she is sure she's the best, most talented, most truly destined to win, Tyra discusses the girl's assets, the girls' mistakes, and wham -- like God -- Tyra's stance, her manner, her judgment says she's God -- Tyra Banks suspensefully announces who won by revealing one by one, who lost.

For me, this is sadistic, and not entertaining. "America's First Model" is a show about ambitions and dreams that is inspiring more and more young girls to pursue modeling, a career that creates in little girls, who are still too young to compete, what I think is repulsive, obsessive vanity, along with a grab-bag of misconceptions about femininity.

We can't ignore Tyra's growing popularity. She won't run for president but she's a super powerful 37-year-old woman who's already a guru.

Here's a clip -- Tyra announcing the winner with a burning, relishing, intense look of delight in her eyes as the contestants wait for the ax to fall.

Have fun with this clip of clever Tyra Banks showing off, her "fat Ass."
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