Wednesday, January 4, 2012


She's WOW perfect-- a stunning, head-to-toe sexy, gorgeous actress who can play any role.

When I saw her on the cover of Newsweek -- puffy kissable lips, sculpted cheekbones, eyes looking out from the page as if she could see me, I wondered why is she on the cover?

The answer was there beneath her perfect hands. "A NEW MOVIE A NEW MISSION, ANGIE GOES TO WAR." Angelina Jolie is emerging as a writer, director, producer, sort of like Clint Eastwood.

Her publicists are doing a great job -- she's thirty-six now, with six children, three of her own and three whom she adopted. (I know, from my own and my husband's show business background, that a star's words, photos, statements are worked on by press agents planning and collaborating carefully with their famous client.)

Ten years ago Jolie was wild, outrageous, unconventional -- I can't forget her wearing, around her neck, a vial of blood from one of her husbands, her bragging about making love in public places; her ugly remarks about her famous actor dad, Jon Voight, and I didn't invent the fact that she's touted her own bisexuality, and her tattoos.

Well, now the tattoos are mostly covered with makeup or lasered away. She's reconciled with her dad. She's been seen all over the world with refugees and displaced persons. Her quest to become a humanitarian has been helped by her partner, Brad Pitt. After all, he's one of the most famous international male stars in the world.

No doubt about it, hints have been appearing in major magazines and television shows about their marriage. Obviously their publicists have been told by them to transform the fascinatingly unconventional, couple in to an adoring Mr. and Mrs.

Hey, they are skilled actors, They've been a loving couple, playing a loving couple for six years. Acting is "acting" -- creating a feeling, a truth. In every movie I've seen Jolie in, she's what I watch -- my eyes go to her. Right now she' s "acting," performing a new role.

The NY Times writer who interviewed Jolie recently, before the opening of her film, Land of Milk and Honey, said, "Ms. Jolie is also aware that, given her image as a Hollywood star, her pursuit of more weighty matters may expose her to ridicule. For every critically acclaimed movie by George Clooney or Sean Penn, there’s a mercilessly mocked Madonna or Kevin Spacey vanity project."

Yep -- we put our stars on pedestals -- we knock them down. I don't know why I don't like Angelina Jolie or trust her. But gee, if a movie director's career is what she's promoting, I can't help wondering why in Newsweek there were three pages -- yes THREE full-size pages-- of wonderfully retouched photos of the Wow perfect Angie?

I think Angie's selling tickets, selling Angie, as an ever more starry star, director, producer writer.

Tell me if I'm wrong. I'll listen.


Anonymous said...

Yes, she is beautiful. But, she helped to wreck a good marriage of Brad Pitt. I remember her when she was wild and uncontrollable. I think it is all acting-she is trying to look like she cares for the children of the world, but I don't trust her one bit. She lives in her own made world handed on a silver platter. Too good to be true. kam

Maureen Jacobs said...

Regarding the wreck of a marriage, I tend to agree, however, it does take two to tango. It was his fault as it is hers. He could have send no.

Honesty, Ms. Jolie is a star. She has played a plethora of characters, some lovable, and others a bit off the beaten path. But what successful actor hasn't. She may have done things that were questionable, but we all have had that point in our lives as well. She just happens to be in the spotlight.

Not knowing Ms. Jolie personally, all I can do render my observations. Regardless of her journey, she has made mistakes and has successes to her credit.

We cannot judge the life of a celebrity as because she has no privacy. People stalk, photograph, watch, pick apart, and gawk. Yes she wanted to be a celebrity, but it does not mean an open call to being followed everywhere.

Those of us in the private world, look back on our mistakes and try to turn our issues into the latest tabloid story. Makes for an interesting read once you add all the sizzle words.

Some of Ms. Jolie's choices have not been sage... but I agree, like all of us, she is maturing every year.

I believe she is trying to save the world's children. I certainly believe that part of her life is genuine.

As far as everything else, my money is on her. She is rather bankable and those who stand to win with her, have nothing to lose!

Linda Phillips said...

I agree with Em and Kam. She is a fabrication of what she wants to project herself as. I don't trust her, but I do like her acting skills. That is really all I care about personally. I think she is an excellent actress. The rest is hype that, for me, goes in one ear and out the other.

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd said...

She has done some ok films, but her personality is ugly.

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd,Tamworth.