Monday, January 16, 2012


Facts, trivia, worldwide who's-who, wrong doings, war threats, nuclear, poverty, pandemics ... yowie.

I can't think.

Am think-IRKing, not working, just fumbling, mumbling.

Yes, CRUMBLING, while pronouncing names I never heard of till today -- people, places so down under, I can't even locate 'em on a map.

I'm not a sap, but gee, what I can't retain gives me pain, not just a headache, a sense of woe that won't go away, not today! Not when I'm in an overload mode.

It's a deluge of information -- constipation of a mind that can't find or see what's the priority for me.

OWS? POW'S? NOW issues? Candidates yapping and scrapping. The do nothing congressional freeze? I can't sputter, mutter, sneeze, shout, spit out what's worse, or who to curse.

Overload has corroded my brain's neurons, sensors, cells -- anything that tells me that my conclusions are delusions.

I'm confessing that I'm obsessing -- I'm out of whack! Despite my agility, I lack the ability to stop who's who-ing -- drop what's doing.

Yep, I'm thinking in rhyme because I'm not fine when I can't make sense of this nonsensical mishmash of trashy WHAT?

A ton of news --
Tons of views --

A lot of rot ...

It's doodley squat!
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