Monday, January 16, 2012


Facts, trivia, worldwide who's-who, wrong doings, war threats, nuclear, poverty, pandemics ... yowie.

I can't think.

Am think-IRKing, not working, just fumbling, mumbling.

Yes, CRUMBLING, while pronouncing names I never heard of till today -- people, places so down under, I can't even locate 'em on a map.

I'm not a sap, but gee, what I can't retain gives me pain, not just a headache, a sense of woe that won't go away, not today! Not when I'm in an overload mode.

It's a deluge of information -- constipation of a mind that can't find or see what's the priority for me.

OWS? POW'S? NOW issues? Candidates yapping and scrapping. The do nothing congressional freeze? I can't sputter, mutter, sneeze, shout, spit out what's worse, or who to curse.

Overload has corroded my brain's neurons, sensors, cells -- anything that tells me that my conclusions are delusions.

I'm confessing that I'm obsessing -- I'm out of whack! Despite my agility, I lack the ability to stop who's who-ing -- drop what's doing.

Yep, I'm thinking in rhyme because I'm not fine when I can't make sense of this nonsensical mishmash of trashy WHAT?

A ton of news --
Tons of views --

A lot of rot ...

It's doodley squat!


Maureen Jacobs said...

Well said Em. Well said. Wish I could add to it, but it is exactly my thoughts in a fun way.

Carola said...

I guess you just can't ignore it, the way I do, because you have to prepare for your blog. P.S., I love the illustrations, especially the leading one.

Carl Watts said...

Simple solution may help wonders. Go for a long walk. Look at the environment. Walk until you are tired, then start back.

I bet the woes will be gone, the day will be fresh.

Force yourself to smile :-)

Anonymous said...

i feel iam manipulated like a juvenile commanded to go to war, bombarded with trifles of pure words yet i believe. Em crumbling yet generating a fire inside me. "Time to crumble and melt the congressional freeze" she says. They have gathered to nothing but tea and talk. Oh! Wise woman your words are wise and seek no mending.

Gathered like a hoard of elephants when others are muttering we listen, listen to you grumble the grumblings of a matriac leading its calf and the herd to the source of life. Once upon the source they gather and whisper like a group of pirates whispering over a secret map. Inside this nonsensical conundrum i draw pictures of hope and elevation of my thoughts. I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the news get the best of you Em! Somedays the media tends to tell the worst situations than the good and best just to get people irked up alittle. I tune out alot of this muck and muck.
Like your drawings today. I say it's time to relax in your favorite chair, sip some dink, and listen to Mozart. kam

Ameer S. Washington said...

I haven't watched a full new program in years. I haven't watched one Republican debate, I barely listen to the radio unless I'm missing my iPod or the vehicle I'm driving doesn't have one, and my head is swirling just like yours.

It's the same grim report every day. The same posturing. The same do-nothing congress and political posturing up and down across the board. I'm gonna vote for Obama, but he'll be hard pressed to get much signed in the law without making a concession or a thousand to the opposing party.

Did I say the news was grim. All the side effects to the pills will kill you and kids don't go outside much anymore. What are we to do with out society?