Wednesday, February 1, 2012


His name -- a Jewish name that lends itself into a nickname -- I think of New York City's Mayor as "Bloomy."

I see him/hear him constantly-- every time there's a crisis in my hometown-- there he is in the news. The decisions he makes certainly affect my life as a New Yorker.

This guy makes sense, explains things clearly, not excessively, but lays out a summary of what the issue is, and his plans for handling whatever it is.

I know from listening carefully -- my ear glued when I've heard him mention guns, and capital punishment -- that he's against capital punishment and is passionately concerned that we have stronger gun control laws. I know he supports -- respects, loves our fireman, cops, teachers -- he's for helping needy people (respecting them, whoever they are). At the same time, Bloomy's aware of the budget and knows what can the city can afford to do.

In a recent six-page spread in Newsweek, (an attack on Bloomy ), readers were warned that Bloomberg is super rich, making more money than the NY Times, Reuters, and Turner or Murdoch. Bloomy apparently has been gathering around him men and technical machines -- he's built a powerful network that sells its information services to subscribers. The network, "Bloomberg LP," is making 30% more money than any of them -- the article promoted the idea that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to dominate the world financially

Okay -- Bloomberg LP. (limited partners) is an ocean of partners and services. It includes B-government, B-legal, B-news, B-media network. B-LP is a Bloomberg Information Center that can provide Bloomy and his subscribers the latest information about what's happening in the world of their endeavor --whatever their endeavor is.

So ... ? Money is as money does. He uses the money to support what he thinks is important. Digging into, and Chronicles of Philanthropy, I know Bloomy's generously helping the poor, trying to provide better education, medical help, financial aid. Here's a partial list of what Bloomy's supporting.

The figures aren't in yet on 2011, but in 2010, Bloomberg gave a total of $279.2-million to 970 nonprofit groups that support the arts, human services, public affairs -- stopping the use of tobacco (the smoking that's killing people throughout the world), and gun control -- he took his strong ideas on tobacco, guns, jobs and immigration to Washington. He's knocking himself out, working constantly on getting more jobs, higher paying jobs in NYC,

While building himself a large Twitter and Face Book presence, Bloomy's working with Face Book, Twitter, and TechCrunch -- selling them on creating new, major engineering offices NYC. He's determined to make NYC the world's #1 technology hub.

I can't help wondering when he has time to eat, sleep, and see his girl friend. Does he have one? Yes. Do we know much about her? No. Is he gay? Is that why he supports gay marriage? Probably not -- married for 17 years, he has two grownup daughters.

So is Bloomy hyper something, running for financial king of the world? for president in 2012? What about 2016?

I say no -- I think his Jewish background, his out-in-the-open expression of what he thinks, creates an insurmountable wall. But he's a man of the people, concerned about America, thinking, digging into possible courses of action -- a seat in the senate? maybe a fourth term as mayor?

I like him. I really LIKE him -- like what he stands for, what he's tried to achieve, has achieved. and his actions fit his words.

Hey, I'm not selling him politically. I'm just sharing what I've noted and have learned about a good guy who's running New York City and setting an example, perhaps, for other cities on what a good mayor can do.


Maureen Jacobs said...

Honestly Em, my thoughts are this:

I look for a candidate who can do the job. I could care less who he's is sleeping with. I want someone who respects The Constitution of the United States of America.

Love that he supports gay rights, love that he contributes to valid charities, love the social media aspect......

Wish he would be a little more respectful of the gun laws. Criminals will get guns regardless of the laws.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Lots more to come.....

Executions need to happen.

Make your choices based on merit and getting the job done right.

That is what I look for in a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed learning about your NY mayor. Bloomberg sounds like he is setting a great example and is a good person. Good to see he is using his money to help others and good causes. Thanks for sharing this interesting blog about a great leader who loves his city and people. kam

Kaye Francis said...

Today's comment is 'simple' coming from me EM...I read your blog & appreciated your posting. Very frankly, this is information I would not have otherwise known or even accessed.
* * *
aand in the very depths of my heart, I always appreciate a wealthy public figure be it politician or not that I know is reaching out to help humanity in any way possible because they can & they will.
* * *
Luv ya! I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Ameer S. Washington said...

Not a New Yorker, but from the outside looking in, Bloomberg seems to be doing a good job.

I'm with Maureen on gun laws/gun controls. I think largely they're a waste of time in many respects, not all (such as a convicted criminal shouldn't be able to legally purchase a gun). Yet, in all truth, 90% of people that commit violent crimes with guns don't have a license. And many of the most dangerous cities in the country i.e. Compton, Camden, Newark, D.C., Detroit, to name a few; are in states with some of the strictest gun laws.

With regard to his wealth. People see anyone in politics with money as someone with an agenda for control and eye on more money.

I'm glad you like him. Bloomy seems really cool.

Carola said...

I like Bloomberg too. Especially since I found out that his favorite book is the same as mine: John Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Linda Phillips said...

It's interesting that you all seem to love him so much. I am a former New Yorker and left many years before he became mayor. My personal impression of him is that he is a wealthy, arrogant, cold fish.

My dear friend (of many years) Elizabeth Forel has great reason to detest him. She is the head of a non profit organization called No Walk in the Park - Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages. They are for the total outlawing of the use of carriage horses. Through her, I have become very aware of the horrendous treatment of these poor, animals and how Mayor Bloomberg could care less about them. In fact he has gone out of his way to make it miserable for them. It is after all a TOURIST ATTRACTION!