Monday, March 12, 2012


Have I been voodooed? Everywhere I look, everything I read is laying sex thoughts on me.

Am I being prudish?

Okay, I'm a prude, I'm can't stand the Viagra, the Cialis ads interrupting me whenever I turn on the TV, which I do often-- I use TV rather than a radio.

But we are being bombarded with sex and sexuality. Is it the vogue -- all the clothes on, clothes off in art, films, books, theater, fashion?

Is it natural, normal -- that I find myself wondering rather uninhibitedly, and quite frequently find myself picturing others intertwined?

Is it NOW -- the end of the world fears, decaying society, disintegrating environment?

Why has sex become so important?

In one of my novels ("SOMEBODY") I wrote:
"The conversation enhanced his moment on the moon, heated her to a state of fuzzy intoxication that seemed more absorbing than last time. Or was it the time before that? Why was it that the specifics vanished? A second or two of ecstasy, more precious, more sought after than gold, less talked about but more on everyone's mind than any single subject, yet for all the focus, study, preparation, practice, those fragile fizzy seconds were gone in a flash, leaving no impression, just vague before and after memories."

I wrote that years ago, but it still seems (to me) to be true.

So what do I think IS important?

Isn't it what you do and how you fill your day -- what use you make of your time? For me, sometimes it feels as if I have plenty of time, but other days, time is flying. I remember after my 20th birthday, each day I was aware of growing older -- aware that I was sort of losing something I thought was very precious yesterday, when I was a teenager.

Like what? Beauty? Probably, and energy -- the desire to reach, grab, own --to taste, touch, feel just about everything.

Okay, I've grown up. I don't feel the same way about a lot of things. Anyhow, I have to say that I find the sex-sex-sex stuff that's everywhere --not stimulating, just plain annoying, and boring.

Cmon, 'fess up -- what's on your mind right this instant? Food? A loved-one? What to wear? Some task you ought to do, that you haven't done yet? Sleep? Is SEX, any aspect of, it on your mind?

Well, I've said enough, but I can't help wondering if I'm missing something that you who are reading this can explain, that many other normal people can easily explain.

What IS "normal?"

Here's an interesting, not boring test that sort of, maybe tells you if you're normal:


Maureen Jacobs said...

Sex is natural. But, yes, the ads on the idiot box for ED and all do frustrate me.

The only reason you see all the sex everywhere is because you are a healthy human being.

So, I say, good for you!

Ameer S. Washington said...

Sex has come back full circle into our society as it once was in ancient times. If you watch shows like Spartacus, or read books about ancient society, Roman, Greek, Babylon, etc you know that sexuality was quite open. People were comfortable with homosexuality and it was common place for men who had wives and children to have male lover, especially men of power and note.

Some societies of course were different, but when you had the modern God (Jehovah, Allah, Jesus) especially in Western society, there was that whole scripture about abomination in homosexuality and sex before marriage was a no no. So for a long time in even America, you didn't see certain things on television. You didn't hear certain words on the radio. Being gay open could get you killed. So people hid, acted "normal", and then did their dirt in a little dark corner. Yet, as people are found out and pushed on to train tracks for being gay, we had to remember our humanity and preach tolerance and practice it. Then everything became tolerable even on prime time television, and now you see everything.

Porn was always there doing the weird and outrageous. But because sex sells and we're tolerant and politically correct, it is forced down our neck at every turn. Now people are more willing to express exactly who they are, and even porn isn't exactly that nutty anymore because everyone's doing something wacky in bed and even porn actors have to find a way to make things more outrageous.

Truth is, or rather my opinion is, sex is always here, and always will be. Everything becomes a matter of personal taste and what they feel is acceptable according to him, her, them, their God, and their society. On my first few trips into sex, I found it overrated and while it is quite enjoyable and fun, it is fleeting and I don't think we should ever make it more than it is. It is a pleasurable moment in time that is forgotten just as quickly as a new TV becomes just another TV. It is surely not the most important or even more fulfilling thing in life.

Carola said...

I agree. There's more emphasis on sex than I appreciate. In that sense I understand the folks who want to retreat to more core values.

Anonymous said...

Good blog on sex today. I am old fashioned and think all the sex hub bub is boring and annoying at times. Now if I had a husband that looked like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or alec Baldwin-I might think differently about it and think more about sex than I do. Interesting and informative subject today Em. kam

Kaye Francis said...

Didn't want to invest time into seeing if I was normal or not, but thanks for the link, I did look at what they had to say.
* * *
I think we uh elders see how much of a 'sex barrage' that society is under. I think for the 'youngers' especially teens, they might think it's all the 'norm'.
* * *
I've seen several female authors on talk shows this past 5 years telling about their books & how vital & important senior sex is for them. I have forgotten their names, their book titles, all that. It wasn't an important subject for me personally.
* * *
As a widow w/ no current boyfriend that is a part of my life I have outgrown. I feel no shame in that. I transfered that particular life force into other facets o life. I tweet.
* * *
Recently, there was a wing fang dang fal der rah headline about how Facebook is sexualizing young teens expecially girls. Even though I totally dislike Facebook, Facebook itself does no such thing other than exist. If this is one of the social media outcome of what is happening to young teens, there ~ it is also the accountablilty of those teens who chose to Facebook in the first place & perhaps the accountability of the parents who allow/allowed that.
Love ya Ms. Em, John Cullum & FAM...I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Carl Watts said...

"normal" doesn't exist beyond as a concept. The commercialization of sex is wrong. Drugs for sex are wronger and will eventually kill the ability totally.

Sex is survival. It is pleasure. It is natural that men & women are attracted and desire sex. Nature set that up.

Sex? Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...
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