Saturday, April 21, 2012


"What's it like, John, playing Grandpa on the television sitcom, "The Middle?" Emily asks.

John's answer surprises Em. She likes him playing leading roles -- the Grandfather part is definitely not a leading role. She assumed that playing a small role might be sort of boring.

John loves working on the show. He likes the cast -- they connect with each other and it feels like a real family to him. The somewhat codgery old Grandpa that he's playing is easy to play -- he has fun with the plot problems the show's writers provide for him.

John explains how the atmosphere for a television show or a movie is set by the leading characters, the "stars." In "The Middle," leading lady Patricia Heaton's warmth pervades and sets the tone for everyone.


Anonymous said...

You and John make me smile! I think he could play any part-but glad he is happy playing grandpa in THE MIDDLE. I look forward to seeing this on TV soon. John is an amazing talented actor and I adore watching him perform. kam

Maureen Jacobs said...

So sorry for my absence. My hubby was on vacation and we needed to take care f some long overdue things. Will be catching up with your fantastic blog.

Love to you and JC


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the conversation very much.

We were watching a Waltons rerun recently, one of my favorite sedentary pastimes, on which Grampa, (Will Geer), stated that he was 64. I 'bout jumped out of the chair. He's s'posed to be really old. 64 ain't old!!!

The chemistry between you two is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Earl

RCToyPalace said...

Em, I have started spreading my wings a little. I will be dropping @DennisCoble soon, since I now have the original acct back. I'm also using Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a blog with Wordpress.

Unknown said...

Ms. EM, your John Cullum's acting ability totaled me out, close to falling outta my computer chair laughing with extreme mirth.
* * *
What did this? The part in the video where John is looking directly into the camera while noting that he is too young to be playing the part of the grandpa. That was way way too believable. It had the ring of truth and all that.
* * *
You got your hands full Ms. Em, I can now plainly see where your John Cullum can be 'the dickens'. Congrats to John on the Grandpa part. Ima thinking John simply enjoys being a 'working actor' and we love that he is.
* * *
Much love to y'all and your FAMILY. I'm @grammakaye on twitter.