Saturday, April 7, 2012


Why does John Cullum watch sports, and Emily Frankel watch Judge Judy?

Emily thinks sports help John relax-- gives him something to root for, to focus on that distracts him from his work, the same way Judge Judy does for her.

John disagrees. He thinks Emily enjoys Judge Judy because Judy is tough, and often, she's even overly mean. He quotes Judy-- "They don't have me here because I'm pretty. They have me here because I'm smart."

Emily admits that Judy inspires her, when she's working on her various projects, to be an ultra-honest, strong boss. John explains that watching sports doesn't relax him. He gets too deeply involved, too concerned about his team winning. If his team loses, it leaves him depressed.


Unknown said...

Sports watching ~ well NFL football with the Green Bay Packers is my primary sports watching.
* * *
I gave up on Judge Judy a long time ago, no doubt she is smart, no doubt she is often correct, no doubt the alloted time in her show often has her put her slice and dice, cut through the bs rapid fire tongue to overdrive. That's her style. She gets paid for her verbal/personality style to display her 'smarts'. I just don't think how she 'over does it' is always a necessary thing.

Ms. EM, you & John Cullum know how much I enjoy it when you make your videos. So glad you do and you share them with us. Much love to ALL. I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Larry Enright said...

Enjoyed this one!

Anonymous said...

Cute blog today Em! Enjoyed and laughed with you and John discussing Judge Judy verses sports. I sometimes watch her and know exactly what you mean about her commanding ways and getting things done. I understand how it feels John when your team loses. I liked John's facial expressions too. Loved it! thanks. Kam

Linda Phillips said...

I can see how you find relaxation in watching Judge Judy. She really is very intelligent. Not my thing, but I get it. I do the same with other programs, such as Fashion Police.

We all need diversions that are not a part of our normal life style. I don't know if everyone does that or not, but I truly agree with your form of escape as well as John's. Plus you really enjoy them, which is the main thing.

Carola said...

I was interested in your theory that people watch sports so much because sports are so definite unlike the rest of our lives. I watch neither Judge Judy nor sports, although sometimes a reality show (Project Runway for example) catches my attention. I like to watch Animal Planet, but only when they are covering mammals instead of reptiles.