Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cut off everything that has to do with social networking?

Quit Facebook, quit Tweet?

Yes? No?

This is a question I am asking myself.
Have you asked yourself this question?

It eats up my "work" time.

I am not accomplishing anything with Face Book news feed, likes, comments, or Twitter tweets, re-tweets, favorites, though doing this stuff makes me feel as if I'm accomplishing something.

It's like a drug I'm hooked on. The more I do this social networking stuff, the more I think about it, plan what to say and observe what other net-workers are doing. And the MORE I am hooked.

What I am actually seeing, reading and absorbing is mostly not very important or very interesting. In fact, it's quite boring -- photos, chit-chatty discussions on pets, relatives, dead heroes, film clips, newspaper clips, stuff about the latest political or current issues.

Of course, I'm accruing "likes," subscribers, followers, friends, comments and links to articles, books, blogs, and websites.

C'mon, that's the same as collecting marbles, seashells,

Am I getting more famous? No ... well, my name is more familiar to other people like me who're hooked, feeling they're accomplishing something, like me, on the seed-planting, lowest level of "fame."

Will seed-planting get more people reading my blog? Well, sure, maybe. Will more people buy my e-books? Probably, sure. But it's small potatoes -- small numbers of readers or buyers doesn't mean "fame" You've got to be dealing with ... with ... what's the magic number?. 250,000 people knowing your name?. 500,000? One million?

Hey, that's the answer!

Stop wasting time wondering if it's accomplishing something.

Just do it. Shut up and do it!
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