Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Browsing in one of my magazines, I saw a photo of a luxury car, expensive dress, fabulously chic shoes -- the real price -- next to it, an amazing bargain price for each item.

I speed-read ahead, and learned about, a new Website. On, you can buy all sorts of luxury items at super-low bargain prices.

Like, apparently is booming. Already big investors are investing in it. The article went on and on about its IPO, (initial public offering), that's going to get millions of people signing up and buying the luxuries they crave.

I put a check mark on the page and attached a paper clip thinking "Well, maybe I could do a blog about this."

Big money stuff, a hot new Website selling luxury items that people crave, doesn't excite me these days the way they used to.

With my husband, John Cullum, I've bought a very expensive luxury car, considered buying a mansion, and haute couture clothes were certainly something I craved.

Maybe because I belong to yesterday -- am part of the previous generation or the one before that -- nowadays I don't think about or crave luxury, beyond what we have in our home -- 5th floor, our attic style bedroom at the rear of our loft, where sounds from the other buildings can't be heard. Right now I crave the luxury of privacy, peace and quiet, where I can think my own thoughts, remember things we did, re-visit hopes, dreams, and fun adventures.

I don't want to think about now -- bad stuff, troubles, race prejudice -- Florida boy shot, horribly ugly attacks on our president, silly sad war against women, scary bad laws that restrict voters, and so many countries where masses of people are poor, homeless, brutalized, and war, war, war looming.

My only comfort is remembering -- yes, it's comforting -- what our country, sweet land of liberty has meant to me -- wow -- still means to me now, more than ever.

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