Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The TV talkers are having a ball, expressing their opinions about SHADES OF GREY, the book by British housewife, E L James. They're explaining why the author's detailed sexual fantasies are being devoured by readers.

I have also been reading, blinking my way through various well-written articles by critics who have been to Harvard or Princeton, or attended both.

I guess, if you want people to pay attention to your opinion, a degree from H. or P. is essential.

In my opinion, the sex scenes in E L Jame's best seller are not very interesting or arousing. I blogged about "Shades of Grey" a few weeks ago.
Click and skim BEST SELLER DREAMS. There are sex scenes in each of my six novels and, of course, I've had best seller dreams about each of them.

Anyhow, I've heard quite a few TV talkers say that women -- especially those who have become bosses -- want to be overpowered in the bedroom: -- that being spanked, and many of the other sadomasochistic "painful pleasure" things in Shades of Grey" are part of this trend -- that being abused is also part of the fantasy life of the average working woman.

Huh? When did this happen? Last time I tuned into the trend, women were enjoying being boldly passionate and aggressive. Where have I been?

I can't help thinking that someone used the word "trend," and someone else heard the word and used it, and now it is used constantly by the media, advertisers, book sellers and publishers. They make money on sexy books -- they rake in millions when a best seller is turned into a block buster film.

When you see an ad for food on TV -- a plate of food prettily arranged, does it make you hungry? Do you head for the refrigerator? Maybe you do. I don't.

Remember "Fear Factor?" When the contestants were put in glass tanks filled with tarantulas, snakes, or roaches, or asked to eat cow gonads, or worms -- it was shocking and quite fascinating, but it got to be predictably horrifying, as well as sickening. I stopped watching.

When you hear that a movie has explicit scenes -- it's been banned in some states or it's selling out in other states, do you go and see it? Maybe -- it certainly arouses one's curiosity. Actually, I am not a fan of porn, but on IMBD, perusing the list of the hundred famous "adult" films -- many of the titles were familiar. Even so , I personally have only seen one film that was on the list.

Of course I haven't been to Harvard or Princeton, or done very kooky things, experimented with food, drugs, sex or sky diving. So what do I know?

Hey, if the shoe fits ...?

Have you tried being punished beaten, spanked, tied up, abused, and forced into intercourse? I haven't -- I don't want to go with the flow of a sex fad -- I don't want to pretend to be an old-fashioned, virgin.

What about you?

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