Monday, July 16, 2012


Young, rich, glamorous, pretty people -- that's what the crowds are, at happy hour in the nation's capitol, and the seven counties that surround it.

It's a new generation of men, women, singles, married or going-together, who are enjoying the fashionable restaurants and bars, theaters, speakeasies, hot spots, spas, salons, gyms, new businesses that are opening practically every day.

UBER can get you there, anywhere, wherever you are in the mood to go. Even as the nation struggles, it's good times, the good life for the young hipster crowd in Washington DC nowadays.

The guy who wrote about this for Time Magazine, quoted a joke about Miami: "'It's nice, because it's so close to the United States," and added, "Well, Washington is very nice these days."

People have money. They're working. The unemployment rate is around 5.5%, though the national average is about 8.2%0. DC has passed San Jose in Silicon Valley to become the richest metropolitan area in the U.S. The median household income in the metro area over $84,523, nearly 70% over the national median household income of $50,046.

UBER, a web-based, cashless California limo service has just launched UBER in San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia. Customers just call in with a smart-phone app and pay with a credit card on file, the way most hipsters pay for most everything else today.

Who are the hipsters?

They are more or less "contractors." Thanks to massive outsourcing by the Clinton and Bush administrations, there are probably two government contractors for every worker directly employed by the government.

D.C. is one of the few places where a liberal-arts major with no particular skill, can get a job. Colleges and universities have learned to run sophisticated internship programs designed to place their graduates, and soon-to-be graduates. "Interns" are often underpaid, usually overworked and frequently subsidized by their parents.

They've brought the college lifestyle with them -- group houses, hookups, late-night cram sessions, and lots of drinking.

Happy hour is how you meet people, get jobs, find roommates, get job tips. Actually drugstores in the area have been devoting more and more shelf space to condoms, pregnancy tests, diapers, and Pedialyte, (its supposedly a hangover cure.)

According to Time, Washingtonians are skinnier, exercise more, eat more vegetables, and are more likely to have health insurance than the average American. They're also more optimistic -- about the economy and about the future in general.

Whoopee! Want to be an intern? Just pack your essentials and non essentials. You can transport everything and make the move in comfort. Just phone UBER.

Does what I'm saying sound like an ad for boozing, and amusing yourself with doing nothing?

I don't think life in Uberland is grand -- I think it's quicksand.
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